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Published:May 31st, 2011 14:19 EST

Jose Canseco Has The Hots For Lady Gaga! Steroids Rotted His Brain?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I love lady gaga wish I could meet her. I would marry her in a second."

Former baseball player and noted juice head Jose Canseco on Twitter

I don`t think that the 25-year-old pop star of the moment would be interested in a 46-year-old has-been. Although Lady Gaga probably admires Jose`s penchant for saying anything to get publicity.


If they got married this unlikely duo would never have time to consummate the marriage. Lady Gaga would be too busy figuring out what outrageous outfit to wear, and Jose Canseco would be too busy working out.

Canseco`s agent should ban him from Twitter, it`s quite unseemly to witness a middle-aged man gushing over a twenty-something pop star.

Steroids must have caused irreparable harm to Jose`s brain.

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