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Published:May 31st, 2011 14:46 EST

Sarah Palin Should Hire Snoop Dogg As An Adviser

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rebecca Mansour, the adviser to Sarah Palin most closely associated with her post-Alaska political life, thinks Palin`s daughter Bristol is a political liability. That`s according to private communications published Tuesday morning by the Daily Caller that show Mansour comparing Bristol to other well-known relatives who have made life difficult for their famous political families."


It`s ludicrous to argue that anybody would be a political liability to Sarah Palin, that implies that the former governor of Alaska is taken seriously. Sarah Palin is a traveling Three Ring Circus, and what`s another midget or mischievous round-faced daughter?

Bristol Palin is a typical 20-year-old young woman, she`s made mistakes, but who hasn`t at her tender age? If anything Bristol makes her mother more appealing, Sarah must have done something right if her oldest daughter turned out relatively normal.

Sarah Palin needs to kick Rebecca Mansour to the curb, and hire Snoop Dogg as her new adviser. Snoop to Sarah Palin: Shawty chill out! Ain`t nothing wrong with Bristol that a hit on a bong won`t fix. Fo shizzle, you need to smoke some weed also! Y`all Palins need to pal around with me, I`ll school you how to keep it real.

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