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Published:May 31st, 2011 17:45 EST
The Intuition of Jason Escape: A Look into the Mind of an Artist!

The Intuition of Jason Escape: A Look into the Mind of an Artist!

By Krista Boyer

Readers have been introduced over the past few weeks to an astoundingly creative mind owned by Jason Escape (a.k.a. Jason Gardner).  This is one of those rare performers who is not only a master of his craft, but also has the ability to `pul`` audiences into everything he creates.  Jason Escape, literally, gives audience members the time of their lives. 


This week, Jason Escape provides us with information on another aspect of his genius; his amazing intuitive abilities that have worked their own special brand of `magic,` by offering clients a more personal Jason Escape experience.  


Two weeks ago, Jason Escape was kind enough to sit down with readers and offer them answers to all their questions.  Jason Escape spoke on issues from his background and upbringing, to the time when the passion and drive for his illusions first came upon him.  This basic overview of the amazing abilities Jason Escape owns, truly inspired a huge number of readers across the globe.


Not since Houdini, have fans been so unbelievably mesmerized by a performer like Jason Escape.  He possesses a power that has brought back the world of illusions and magic to the masses.  Jason Escape`s home base of operations is Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  This magical location, steeped in history, is the perfect backdrop for this enchanting performer.  In this uncanny world that exists in the center of Boston, Jason Escape entertains and enlightens visitors from around the globe.  At Faneuil Hall, a person can literally walk a path towards a fantastical location where the world dissolves and the imagination takes over.  It is here, that Jason Escape offers his audiences intrigue, humor, entertainment, and a magical journey that they could never possibly envision until they witness this `Houdini of Boston` perform.


One of Jason Escape`s many talents is what he refers to as `intuition.`  Within the constant chills and unbelievable thrills that Jason Escape provides to the world, is a strong `sense` that many of us will never be able to claim.  And, luckily, Jason Escape has taken the time to offer fans and readers a look into this awe-inspiring talent.


In his own words, this master of his craft, offers an in-depth exploration of his abilities.  So, although you are not lucky enough to be at an actual Jason Escape show sit back, as this writer allows you the chance to delve into the mind of a true illusionist. 


Jason Escape has been giving private intuitive readings for over ten years using a variety of techniques.  Traveling all over the world, Jason Escape brings his amazing abilities to clientele across the globe.  Possessing an incredibly strong ability to connect and uplift human beings, Jason Escape is always 100% helpful, and highly accurate with the readings and information that he divines.


Being a student of linguistics for over ten years (and will continue to study his whole life), is the basis for helping individuals.  As Jason Escape pronounces: 


Important as tools are, it is language that binds.  It is the tools, which are derived from language, that are the most efficient in helping and healing individuals.


Jason Escape, using his amazing talents, teaches people how to escape from being bound, and specializes in the areas of: Love and Relationships; Medium-ship; Sex and Sexuality; Career; Spirituality; Dream Interpretation; and, even Lost Objects.


Among the tools/gifts that Jason Escape uses in his craft include:  Clairvoyant/Clair-cognizant/Clair-audient; Numerology; Astrology; Crystals; Empath; and, Scrying.  With these tools, Jason Escape energizes, uplifts, enlightens, educates, and entertains.


Step on to that magical pathway and `hear` the thoughts and views of Jason Escape:


For me, it is a responsibility that I enjoy.  Being an `intuitive` is a gift that I have been given to help and uplift people on this earth.  I am a healing person by nature.  With my natural KNOWING, coupled with years of studying Psychology, Sociology, Group and Individual Dynamics, Linguistics, the effects of language, the art of suggestion, meditation, Yoga, and other oracles, I have developed an amazing ability to help and heal.


Life is forever expanding, especially when one is ready for it and willing it to expand.  My life does this continually because I am constantly working on it.  My personal and professional lives have formed into one persona.  Of course, I have a private life with my family, but I am here on this planet to help, heal, and entertain in an uplifting way.  As I continue to help I continue to grow, and as I continue to grow I continue to help. 


I love traveling, and this job has enabled me to see this amazing world of ours; it is large and small at the same time, and so are we.  Life, and my world, expands and becomes richer every day.  It is this that I impart to my clients.  I can help a greater number of people at once through my public speaking platform.


One truly amazing experience that I wish to share with readers is my time among the majestic red sandstone that makes up the incredible world of Sedona, Arizona.  This location is steeped in Native American culture, as well as boasting a history of `harmonic convergence.` 


Allow me to explain,  Within this stunning beauty many have felt the astrological and metaphysical changes in the earth - a great shift in the earth`s energy from warlike to peaceful.  While visiting Sedona, we hiked up to Cathedral Rock to sit by one of the well-known vortexes. There, it is believed, a whirlpool of energy comes from the ground, offering people a meditative state where they can "shake off` the manic world they live in and become one with a `higher power.`  Much like the inner "calm` eye of a tornado, or dust devil - a vortex can surround a person and bring them into a place of sheer and utter serenity.  Within that calm lives an unexplainable `force;` and this force has been recorded by many people who have found ideas, seen phenomena, and changed the path of their own lives.


While sitting there surrounded by the `magic` of the earth, I was drawn into that world.  There, I had a few things which I meditated upon, and put gently out into the universe.  By the time we returned to our villa, opportunities were waiting the exact opportunities that I was asking for.  I help so many people that it was a wonderful experience to use my power and the power of the vortex to help myself.


I often meet people in passing, whether at a coffee shop, in a park, or just about anywhere.  Once I connect, it is hard for me to hold back.  I usually have a least one or two questions for them after thirty seconds of connecting.  These questions lead to answers which lead to more questions, and the process has begun.  In just a few minutes I am able to take someone though deep relaxation and visualization, and immediately begin to help and uplift them. 


And, how does Jason Escape handle situations where clients may not feel his accuracy?


I am only inaccurate when there is no connection between myself and my client.  If I seem to be going this way, I simply and gently take a step back and begin again with breathing and visualization (which is how I begin every session).  My goals are to energize, uplift, motivate, educate, and entertain.  There is no way that I can fail with the unique way that I read.


Once again amazing words from Jason Escape.  With each and every reading, the uplifting experience must be a feeling of pure power for Jason Escape`s client. 


Every two weeks we have shown readers and fans the enormity of Jason Escape`s intuitive abilities.  His thought-provoking words, and heartfelt love of his craft, shines through every word that Jason Escape utters - allowing the world to see the gifts of a true and utter artist.


Not only does Jason Escape perform throughout the season at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, he is also available for readings online, via phone, or in person.  For more information, or to set-up your own personal Jason Escape visit, you may join his Twitter site via @jasonescape, or visit