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Published:June 1st, 2011 00:51 EST

The World According to Paris Hilton Premieres Tonight!

By Paulette Cohn

Paris Hilton returns to reality TV tonight with the all-new The World According to Paris, which follows the celebutante and the people in her life through all of their ups and downs.

Viewers will meet Hilton`s friend Brooke Mueller -- Charlie Sheen`s ex-wife and mother of his two adorable twin boys -- who is never afraid to say what is on her mind. Then there`s Paris` pal Jennifer Rovero, who once dated singer Fred Durst and graced the pages of Playboy.  And, of course, a big part of her life is her mom, Kathy, who is the voice of reason and the one who always tells her the truth.


In this candid interview, Paris reveals why she allowed cameras to follow her 24/7 to show the world what the real Paris is all about.

Why did you choose to come back to TV now?


Paris Hilton: The World According to Paris is a look at everything I go through from the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night, every single day. And I really wanted to do a show to show who I really am because I feel like on the Simple Life and My BFF show I was playing a character and it was something I was doing for fun but this is something that I`m really excited for all my fans to see.

You have said that it`s really important for you to have people see you as you really are now and I understand why you would want them to know the business side of you because you have created this empire. But why is it important to you that millions of people that you don`t know know who you are personally?

Paris Hilton: Because I feel like there`s this false conception of me out there and I don`t think it`s fair to be judged on the tabloid lies people write and perception from a reality show and someone who`s being a character. I just want people just to know me for me.

This show`s very different from Simple Life. It`s not My BFF. You actually show some tears and things can get pretty dramatic. Did you have any apprehensions to doing the show and to opening yourself to the cameras this way?

Paris Hilton: Yes, like I said before, I`ve never let so much access with cameras into my life and they were there all day and all night. So everything that would happen during the month through shooting was on camera. And yes, of course, there`s a lot of things I can`t believe that I`m going to be showing on TV.

I never thought I would cry on TV. I think on the other shows, I just always wanted everything to be perfect but that`s not how life is. In life, people go through things and people get upset and things happen. And I wanted the fans to see everything as real as possible and what`s really going on. So even though it`s embarrassing for people to watch me cry, it`s what really happens.

What would you say is the public`s single biggest misconception about you or your family?

Paris Hilton: I think just because of the Hilton last name people assume that I`m a spoiled brat who doesn`t have to work or doesn`t do anything for herself but really it`s the opposite. I`ve been working since I was 17 and I`ve created a huge empire now. I have 17 different product lines and I`m working every single day, traveling the world.

So because I was a party girl before when I started out, people assume that`s how I really am still, but when I`m at parties now it`s for work. I`m either being paid to be there or I`m promoting a product or a project I`m working on.

When this is a success, taking a positive attitude, are you ready to do another season with the cameras being so intrusive in your life?

Paris Hilton: Am I ready for that? Yes, I`m ready. I`ve been doing this so long and I`m so used to it so, yes. I`m ready.

The World According to Paris premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.