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Published:June 1st, 2011 15:07 EST

Outrage! Gentleman Arrested For Selling Obama Condoms

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New York police arrested a man for a third time for selling condoms bearing President Obama`s image despite a court ruling in his favor.

Jose Andujar, 43, was arrested Friday in Times Square for selling the Obama condoms, and police said it was his third arrest for unlicensed peddling in the past year, the New York Post reported Tuesday.


A State Supreme Court justice previously ruled Andujar does not need a vending license to sell the condoms, and his products are protected under his First Amendment right to free speech."


The New York Supreme Court has ruled in this patriot`s favor, yet New York`s Finest continue to harass this entrepreneur.

This is an excellent opportunity for Obama to prove that he`s not a socialist, the president should express solidarity with the enterprising businessman by purchasing a few Obama condoms.

Obama`s stimulus package wasn`t exactly a resounding success, here`s a chance for the prez to get behind a winning stimulus package.

I might buy Obama condoms as a political statement, but I wouldn`t use one. A condom bearing an image of Obama`s mug wouldn`t put me in a sexy mood.

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