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Published:June 3rd, 2011 00:58 EST

Tyler Posey Howls His Way into Teen Wolf

By Paulette Cohn

You may not know Tyler Posey`s name yet, but after the MTV series Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday night following the  MTV Movie Awards, that will change. Posey has taken on the to-be-envied job of playing Scott McCall, an ordinary teenage boy who gets bitten one night and his life is changed forever.

This re-imagination of the movie that starred Michael J. Fox is less comedy and more drama, but it has its darkly funny moments. According to executive producer Jeff Davis, the series has traded basketball for lacrosse, camp for scares, cute for sexy and turned the volume way up on romance.

That said, MTV`s version of Teen Wolf is about the transformation that every teenager experiences on their journey to adulthood. It is just that the story is told with werewolves.

Teen Wolf also stars Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, Dylan O`Brien as Scott`s best friend Stiles and Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, the werewolf who sank his fangs into Scott.

Now, here is what Posey has to say about his transformation into a Teen Wolf, hanging out with the rest of the cast in Atlanta, and more

How familiar were you with the original Teen Wolf movie with Michael J. Fox?

Tyler Posey: Very familiar. I am the youngest one, but Crystal and I were the only ones who saw it. Scott McCall is definitely a nerd and that is the aspect of the character I took from the movie. Michael J. Fox`s character was so innocent and nerdy. The contrast with becoming a werewolf and becoming popular that is one of the things I took from the movie.

What do you like most about your character?

Tyler Posey: The thing I like most is it is the fact that it is not just one character I get to play, it is two.  He is this really sweet, innocent kid who is tired of being an outcast and just wants to be popular. I also get to play an insane, psychopathic werewolf. So they are contrasting characters and it is really fun bringing both of them to life.

When you were a teen, were you into anything supernatural? What was your favorite movie?

Tyler Posey: I am a teen still. When I was a younger teen, I was a vampire every now and then for Halloween.  I really liked Queen of the Damned. I was super into that movie. I saw it again recently and it was so cheesy.

What is the most challenging part of the transformation into a werewolf?

Tyler Posey: Probably just dealing with having to be in the makeup chair. It is not really challenging because there is nothing you can relate to about turning into a werewolf. It just doesn`t happen, so you can`t look at something to relate.

Courtesy: MTV

How freezing are you in the woods without your shirt?

Tyler Posey: The cold wasn`t so bad. The fact that they would spray me with water " I would be sprayed down, then we would do a take, and they would spray me down again. It would evaporate or something. It was like really, really cold. I didn`t get sick though.

There is the final moment in the first episode where Scott`s eyes lock with Allison`s hunter father. Where does it go from there?

Tyler Posey: It goes downhill, then uphill. It is a crazy roller coaster. It is just insane. I can`t wait to see it.

Because Allison`s father is a hunter, you have a relationship problem: hunter vs. werewolf

Tyler Posey: It sucks because relationships are based on trust and honesty. Ours can`t be. It is not like I am lying to her. I keep things from her for her protection. But she doesn`t know that. She probably thinks I am lying to her or cheating on her, but I`m not. I am very loyal.

Were you already familiar with lacrosse? Had you played?

Tyler Posey: I hadn`t played, but I grew up with lacrosse in my life because my dad played all through college. I always had it in the house: the gear, the sticks, the helmets, so I was very familiar with it. I knew I liked to hold the ball and toss it around, but I wasn`t that good, so they needed stunt doubles and technicians on the set to help us out, but it was really fun. I hope this show pushes lacrosse because it is a really cool sport but it is so underrated. It is never on TV. Why? It is violent enough.

What do you guys do in Atlanta when you are not on set?

Tyler Posey: Tyler, Dylan and I were roommates. Crystal was basically our roommate too because she lived right across the street from us, so we were always all together: X-Box all night, bowling. I went to my first nightclub in Atlanta. It was all right [Hochlin points out It was an all-age nightclub  -- not sure if this is true or a cover]. We had a lot of fun in Atlanta. Best time of my life.

What are the Teen Wolf webisodes going to be about?

Tyler Posey: My dad " John Posey " played a character in the show. It is mostly about me, Stiles and my dad. We are the three people in the webisodes. My dad plays a doctor who has to deal with Jackson, who is not feeling too good. I can`t tell you why. My dad checks him out. It was a crazy insane scene, so I am glad my dad got to do that.

Teen Wolf is unleashed on MTV viewers on Sunday, June 5, before moving into its permanent timeslot on Monday nights at 10 p.m.