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Published:June 3rd, 2011 08:28 EST
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The Universal Audio Tapes of Casey Anthony Prove Absolutely Nothing!

By John G. Kays

It`ll all go away eventually." Lee to Casey in the Orange County Jail

By the time you get to Part 13 ( 9), it`s all over with. This is Lee`s second visit to jail on 7/28/2008. The cover story is firmed up and at this point it`s as public as anything in the history of the U.S. The metamorphosis to the media circus is consummate. Casey would not break.


If anything, she was stronger in her confirmation that she was clueless about the whereabouts of her daughter. She had enough time to work out the details of her accounts, forged a cover of tremendous love and devotion for her long-lost daughter, love for her parents, her brother, as well as considerable gratitude for all the volunteers who were trekking through the back-lots of Orlando searching frantically for the child.

lee and casey

Yet nowhere in all these audio and video tapes has the prosecution provided even one piece of evidence that Casey murdered her daughter. Period. It`s not like I`m trying to play the devil`s advocate, but the talk shows (especially HLN) are spinning yesterday`s proceedings as a big victory for the prosecution. Far from it!

casey grinning in jail

I suspected this was a lie or a cover story of the talk shows (you know which ones I`m talking about), so I turned off the Boob Tube and carefully examined the documents for myself. I had enough time to give proper attention to reels 2-9. Most of my examination was devoted to the hour-long taped interview between Orange County Detectives and Ms. Anthony, in a small break-room at Universal.

I was shocked by what I heard! I have 8 pages of notes that I took last night and this morning. I have quite a few comments I made in the margins when reacting to this interview. One thing, noted by Jose Baez, is getting Casey out to Universal was a ruse, a set-up by the detectives. They already knew she was lying about working at Universal, and they used the occasion to ensnarl her in trap, catch her in her lies and deceptions.

Not that I blame them. They were just doing their job. But the harder they drilled her, the harder she held her ground. Casey is a tough little cookie, and she knows it! In my notes I comment on the fact that her dad had been a detective, which may have played in her court. I didn`t walk away with the impression that the detectives did a very good job in interrogating Casey. "I`m reaching to help my daughter."

I was scared myself by the aggressive, or belligerent tone of the detectives. At one point, one of them said you`re a monster. The audio tape was unsettling. I don`t sense that the prosecution could have scored any points with the jurors, in terms of proving in any way that Casey killed her daughter. The only thing that it proves, is that Casey makes up whoppers! That`s it. She lives in a fantasy world.

The defense has never denied that. In fact, it`s a part of their defense. HLN was spinning yesterday`s electronic evidence as a big score for the prosecution. This is simply wrong! Listen to Reel 7. It has the best bit. Jose Baez gets Yuri Melich to admit he took a call from Cindy during this insane interrogation.

Cindy tipped him to the fact that the swimming pool ladder had been down on June 16th and the gate was open! A very important piece of information. Much more important than catching Casey lying about her working at Universal. And yet Yuri did nothing further about this pertinent fact.

The Universal audio tapes prove nothing. The jail house tapes prove nothing. Duhh! Casey lives in a fantasy world. That`s all it proves? Why is she in la la land? Will the prosecution address this issue? I doubt it. At least the defense is dealing with this crucial question. The talk shows are wrong, the defense won the day yet again!


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