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Published:June 4th, 2011 13:33 EST

Muslim Group Outrages Christians: Billboard Claims Jesus A Prophet Of Islam!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`Jesus: A prophet of Islam` states the provocative tagline in a `public awareness` advertising campaign launched by a Muslim group in Australia`s largest city.

The group, calling itself Mypeace, says its aim is to inform, not offend - but offend it has, with one Catholic bishop calling the assertion about Jesus "a direct assault on Christian beliefs."


Muslims get their panties in a twist at any perceived insult to their religion, and unlike Catholics or evangelicals they don`t vent by writing a letter to the editor. If you insult the Prophet Mohammad, you`d better hire armed guards and move to a secret location.

Muslims may have tender sensibilities about their faith, but this Muslim organization in Australia doesn`t have any reservations about deliberately provoking Christians.

Islam and the Koran deny the fundamental teaching of Catholicism and evangelical Christianity. Muslims deny the divinity of Jesus, and his crucifixion and resurrection. For Muslims to claim Jesus as one of their prophets, is a slap on the face to Christians.

As a freethinker who hates all organized religions, I am outraged at the provocative poster. To assert that that Jesus, a man of peace, is a prophet of the bloodthirsty religion of Islam is an insult not only to Christians, but to any student of history.

Shame on this Muslim group. In the interest of peace and harmony they should take down the billboards immediately.

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