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Published:June 5th, 2011 12:57 EST

Flight Attendant Freaks Over White Powder On Diaper Changing Counter! It's Baby Powder!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Frontier Airlines employees on a U.S. flight called a hazmat team to examine a substance found on a diaper-changing counter that turned out to be baby powder.

Employees summoned the Milwaukee Fire Department`s Hazardous Materials Unit Friday when a flight attendant making her final check before landing discovered a white powder on a diaper-changing counter in one of the plane`s lavatories, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported"



You didn`t need Sherlock Homes to solve this case. Hello! There was a diaper in the waste disposal, and there were two freakin` babies on the plane. If there`s white powder on a diaper-changing counter it ain`t gonna be cocaine or a dangerous substance. It`s gonna be baby powder.

Note to the flight attendant, if there`s a brown substance floating on the toilet bowl, there`s no need to call the FBI or a hazmat team, chances are it`s a piece of crap.

A Frontier spokesperson said that the authorities were contacted out of "an abundance of caution". Abundance of caution my rear end.

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