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Published:June 6th, 2011 12:57 EST
A Name That Will Go Down in Sports History!

A Name That Will Go Down in Sports History!

By Tom Ski

There are many moments in sports that are locked inside the memories of all Americans.  There is no adult on the planet right now who doesn`t remember that red, white, and blue flag wrapped around Team USA when the `Miracle on Ice` occurred, and the Soviet Union was defeated. remembers that moment.  In fact, applauds that moment and has, since 1985, been THE company to provide athletic uniforms, mascot costumes and warm-ups for all sports.  There is absolutely nothing that doesn`t offer to prepare YOU and YOUR team for the best possible appearance on any field, court, rink, or inside any stadium.  Football jerseys; basketball jerseys; soccer jerseys; hockey jerseys to all fabrics and colors of football uniforms; basketball uniforms; baseball uniforms; softball uniforms; customized sweats; team uniforms - available for all high school sports! has the sports apparel and sports accessories to make YOU and YOUR school the proudest it could possibly be!

Another great moment to remember?  The Catch!  The winning touchdown from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the 1982 NFC Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.  That day will live forever in our hearts and minds.  When the legendary Montana threw a high pass to the back of the end zone and Clark made a leaping grab with his fingertips, the 49ers won the  `unwinnable` game with fifty-one seconds left on the clock, and headed for the Super Bowl. celebrates that moment.  Because, as all fans know, the gold and red of the 49ers football uniforms, that showed the unforgettable sports jersey #16 of Joe Montana, throwing that Hail Mary to #87, Clark, is the  `snapshot` that will be held in everyone`s memory for a long, long time to come. has the desire to see all boys and girls/men and women clothed in the best possible sports uniforms available in the world; wants every player in every sport to be shrouded in the winning fabrics that offers to teams, schools, colleges, universities, and athletic associations across the land. wants nothing more than for YOU and YOUR team to be a part of history, by not only offering you the best quality products, but also at the best prices, with the quickest delivery in the industry. GUARANTEE the lowest prices on sports jerseys, sports uniforms, sports accessories, warm-ups, mascot costumes, and more!  25%, 35%, and even 50% discounts are available on the world of sports uniforms, sports jerseys everything! puts the player front and center.  Whether entertaining the crowd as their favorite mascot, or going down in history as the best of the best, THIS is the site that`s made for YOU and YOUR team!!  

Sublimated stock with custom lettering!  Totally unique sports jerseys and no one can touch`s prices.    

If ordered by 1 PM, ALL stock items ship the SAME day the order is placed! can do stock with custom lettering in as little as 3-4 days for a rush fee.  Most competitors take 3 weeks for lettering, while is only 2 weeks for normal delivery! has the lowest prices on ADV sublimated uniforms for ALL sports!   

A HUGE selection!  FANTASTIC customer service!  The LOWEST PRICES!  AND the quickest delivery!   

And everyone must remember the stellar reviews that hit the airwaves during a time of deep concern and building fear for the state of the world.  When Jesse Owens won four gold medals, he was standing up for freedom.  When Jesse Owens raced like the wind, `Old Glory` waved in front of a creature whose government would soon try to take over the planet and fail!  Freedom, as always, would win!   

As readers can plainly see, isn`t just a company.  This is a company that truly believes in sports. puts their heart and soul into every product they make, honored for their sports uniforms to be worn by men and women of sheer strength, determination, and honor.     

One more memory for good measure?  The green and white #12 football jersey of Joe Namath, who predicted the impossible victory and delivered!  In 1969, no one gave the upstart Jets any chance to beat the mighty Baltimore Colts.  But  `Broadway Joe` out-played Earl Morrill and Johnny Unitas to win Super Bowl III, which still confounds sportswriters to this day! has also received some extremely spectacular reviews, AND they deliver like "Broadway Joe` EVERY single time!  Clients from all over can`t get enough of the fantastic items, quality service, quick delivery, and amazing prices they received when ordering from  Read what the world is saying:   

Received the jersey`s today around 2:00 pm and they are simply AWESOME!  I tip my hat to you for your efforts, and will definitely do more business with you.  You are what customer service is all about!


I just wanted to let you all know how THRILLED we are with our new mascot!!  I`ve scored a zillion brownie points with my principal and it`s made my
student mascots even more excited for next year! Thank you for being so easy to work with and for handling all my questions!


I wanted to thank you and your company for doing a great job in the production of my team`s jersey`s and hats.  They arrived in great condition and one day earlier than expected.  I appreciate your follow-up and professionalism.  Now all we have to do is WIN!


I just wanted to let you all know I have ordered cheerleading stuff from other vendors in the past and there is no comparison to the service and quality we received from your company. The warm-ups look great.  I will recommend your company in the future.  You have been a pleasure to work with.       

Is there need for more?  I don`t think so.  Skill, professionalism, talent, freedom, individualism, team spirit, liberty, honor these are words that believes in and stands for!  And, with their incredible products, is well on their way to clothing the next legends of the game, who will live in our memories for the rest of time! Celebrates Sports! 

Become part of a company that is the absolute BEST at what they do!