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Published:June 7th, 2011 08:30 EST
Sheila Swift; She Really Does Have a Smile for Everyone She Meets!

Sheila Swift; She Really Does Have a Smile for Everyone She Meets!

By Krista Boyer
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For a few weeks now, this writer has been introducing fans all across the globe, to one of the most versatile and interesting singers to come down the pike " in a very long time. 


Sheila Swift is the woman who, literally, has mastered genre after genre of the music world.  With her incredible interview just a couple of weeks ago, Sheila Swift brought us all into " her world, and readers learned a great deal.  Not very often are the words kind, sweet, funny, and NON-egotistical used to describe someone in the music business, but Sheila Swift gets them all added to her biography.


Just to re-cap, Sheila Swift is the amazing performer who began her career in the world of Christian music.  From there, after winning awards for her fantastic lyrics and stunning voice, Sheila Swift moved into the world of "pop,` and began to slay the competition.  Now, Sheila Swift seems to have found her favorite niche, in the world of rock-n-roll, and has been bringing music much like that of the incredible Robert Plant back into the spotlight.


In 2007, Sheila Swift`s album, The Shape of Things brought her to listeners` ears.  This was an album that spoke of pure and unadulterated optimism.  Not only did she deserve the accolades for her music and amazing lyrics, but this Houston, Texas native`s songs emitted bliss, faith, and hope.  Again, words not usually used to describe a member of the music community "but Sheila Swift is different.  She came from a life that was not exactly what fans would call an easy road.  In fact, Sheila Swift was faced with the subject of mortality at the age of twelve.  Not only did she come through that particular situation with her immense beauty and light intact, but also with an undying and amazing attitude that continues to teach all listeners and fans about the opportunities that life grants in this sometimes crazy, hurtful world.


This writer has stated in the past that Sheila Swift is edging closer and closer to superstardom with every note that passes through her lips.  In fact, she is actually beginning to remind listeners of that truly incredible English rock singer and songwriter, who is still pumping out his music today. 


Best known as the vocalist and lyricist of  the rock band Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant has also had a successful solo career.  Spanning more than forty years, Plant is regarded as one of the most significant singers in the history of rock music.  And, you know what?  This writer will someday be writing the exact same things about Sheila Swift (although the "he` turns to "she,` of course).


Throwing herself into the rock world hook, line, and sinker, Sheila Swift has been performing in rock venues across the land.  And with each performance, each song, each and every lyric, the crowds have been pulled onto a roller-coaster of entertainment, fun, and passion.  In fact, raw passion seems to escape every pore of Sheila Swift`s skin when she takes the stage.  Engaging, mesmerizing "she can do it all, and keep that smile on her face while accepting and being grateful for all her life has brought to her.


This is not just a performer who I write articles about because I think she`s a good singer.  No, no.  This is a woman I believe others should actually emulate in all areas of their own lives.  Sheer and utter optimism doesn`t exist anymore.  In fact, as we all know, this world is heavily diluted with the need and craving for money and power.  But when Sheila Swift takes the stage, or the lyrics of her newest accomplishment flow into your brain, the only thing one can think of and appreciate is the absolute joy and harmony that Sheila Swift exudes with every breath. 


And "it`s not just music.  Sheila Swift has the ability to take on all facets of art from music to painting to sculpting; she has a core that brings light and life to any project, no matter what she does.


And "the honesty?  I don`t think we have enough pages on any site to list the immaculate honesty she brings to her lyrics.  In her own words, Sheila Swift stated that she approaches life in a different way, and she definitely lives her life with purpose.  Perhaps it was that fateful "scare` that happened when she was younger, but I doubt it.  It`s as if a higher power (whoever or whatever you may believe in) put the soul of Sheila Swift on this earth to help, support, and beautify the world with her wealth of hope, faith, and love.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, but the raw emotion and passion she owns combines into a true masterpiece that could easily hang in a museum next to the greatest DaVinci work of all time. 


There was a moment in time that, thankfully for her fans, passed by for Sheila Swift.  It was the moment where she withdrew from the world of music for a time.  She was a seventeen-year-old kid in Los Angeles who ran up against the proverbial brick wall of fame, making it feel as if Sheila Swift had a dream that was destined not to come true.  This was the moment when Sheila Swift changed gears for a time, and began walking down another path.  But, again, the hand of Fate walked her through that particular juncture of her career, and Sheila Swift marched straight back into music and found out that her dream was still very much alive.


With work, and wonderful mentors behind her, Sheila Swift sat down at the table with pen and paper and wrote poetry; and that`s when The Shape of Things took shape.  In an isolated world, Sheila Swift found her still optimistic personality located inside her soul.  Recording the album in only ten days, Sheila Swift experienced a true epiphany.  After all, time isn`t needed once right is right "and Sheila Swift in the music world is beyond right. 

And now, the world of rock-n-roll has enveloped Sheila Swift like a blanket of pure bliss.  Mark my words, this incredible mind is on the path that will lead her to infamy and beyond.  And, thankfully, we get to come along for the fantastic and incredible ride!


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