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Published:June 7th, 2011 16:55 EST

'The World According To Paris Hilton' The Biggest Bomb In Reality TV History!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`The World According to Paris,` premiered to a paltry 400,000 viewers on the Oxygen cable network last Wednesday. By comparison, her first reality show, `The Simple Life,` drew 13 million viewers when it premiered on Fox in 2003."



Paris Hilton`s first reality show aired on the prestigious Fox network for the first three seasons, and the final two on E! Hilton has had a handful of reality shows, her latest endeavor "The World According to Paris" is broadcast by the Oxygen cable network. Don`t be surprised if you haven`t heard of Oxygen, most cable and satellite companies don`t carry the obscure channel.

"The World According to Paris is arguably the biggest bomb in the world of reality TV. If Anthony Weiner had his own reality show, "The World According to my Overexposed Weiner", it would garner higher ratings that Hilton`s abysmal offering.

The Paris Hilton act is getting old, how many times can you watch the pop tart acting like an idiot before going insane? Give it up girlfriend, you`re yesterday`s garbage and you smell really bad.

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