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Published:June 8th, 2011 12:39 EST

Days After Leaving Rehab Pop Tart Amy Winehouse Drinking Like A Fish

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just four days after checking out of London`s Priory Clinic, after a week of treatment to battle an alcohol addiction, she (Amy Winehouse) was back in her local boozer - `flailing drunkenly` around the beer garden."


Amy Winehouse was in rehab for only a week before she checked out. You don`t have to be a clinical psychologist to know that`s barely enough time to overcome an addiction to candy bars. Amy`s blood is 90 proof and for some reason her mucus is white as snow, I`d say girlfriend needs to stay in rehab for at least a year.

For Amy`s own good her record company and tour promoters shouldn`t have anything more to do with her until she cleans up her act.

Amy may be "flailing drunkenly" today, but if she doesn`t return to rehab she may be dead tomorrow.

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