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Published:June 9th, 2011 22:07 EST
Casey Anthony Could Have Held Caylee's Head Under Water If She Wanted to Kill Her

Casey Anthony Could Have Held Caylee's Head Under Water If She Wanted to Kill Her

By SOP newswire2

I liked the comment by John Kays on the Casey Anthony trial.  I have not been following the trial in detail, but I am rather amazed at how overwhelmingly CIRCUMSTANTIAL the evidence is. 


1.  They are apparently supposing that there was a decomposing body in the trunk either because it might have smelled bad (that is uncertain), or because they found ONE hair.  Imagine that: Someone being sent to the gas chamber on the evidence of one stupid hair!!!

I work with technology and sometimes I am overwhelmed at how childishly trusting people are about forensic technology that is EXTREMELY dubious.  Are we to really believe that one single hair is enough of a sample to provide reliable evidence?  How do we even know whose hair it is?  It could be a hair from the head of the shopping-cart boy at Publix.  Maybe when he was helping Casey load up her trunk with dead, decomposing beef and chicken (all of which were brutally and cold-bloodedly murdered), maybe one of his hairs blew off in the wind.

Indeed, a hair could even be blowing in the wind and could enter the trunk when it was opened.

2.  As far as a hair indicating "decomposition" goes, is it not the case that Casey was probably buying large quantities of dead, butchered, decomposing meat and chicken in order to feed her family?  Is the defense team aware that hamburger does not grow on trees?  Are they aware that when you buy a raw steak or hamburger meat at Publix, some of the blood often seeps out of the package and out of the flimsy bags and can stain the trunk, leaving a residue?

A steer is an 800 pound mammal that was brutally murdered and then carved into pieces to be fed to carnivorous, flesh-eating monsters, like myself.  By the time that this bloody, raw meat reaches the carnivore`s trunk, it may have been dead for several days and is beginning to decay.

Are the so-called "experts" in this case (whoever they are) capable of distinguishing between the decomposition of a child`s flesh and a lamb`s or chicken`s or bullock`s flesh?  How so?  I would like to hear some DETAILS about how these great "experts" are determining that there is "decomposition" present.

3.  Chloroform could also be used by the ranchers who handle steers.  After all, on a ranch, you may have hundreds of 900-pound beasts who could easily kill the farmer if they were intelligent enough to follow their instincts and stampede.  One way to subdue them might be the use of chloroform.

I would definitely look at the trunks of the cars of people who live in Casey Anthony`s neighborhood and find out whether they ALSO have evidence of "decomposition" and "shockingly high" amounts of chloroform.

4.  And another thing, if Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, why on earth would she be driving around with Caylee`s body decomposing in her trunk?  That would be insanely stupid and extremely dangerous in terms of her being caught.  It would be extremely easy of her to dump Caylee`s little body almost anywhere.  It`s not dumping a 200 pound man.  Casey would have no need to be driving around with Caylee in her trunk.

But if Casey had indeed driven around for days with Caylee in her trunk, it probably be indicative of insanity anyway.

5.  Why would Casey want to use chloroform?  If she wanted to drown Caylee, she could easily hold her head under water.  There would be no need to drug her or bash her skull.

6.  Another massively dubious piece of circumstantial evidence is the evidence that Casey (or somebody) had done a Google search of "Chloroform".  So what?  Are they going to start arresting people for everything that they looked at on Google?  And if Casey was just a brilliantly cold-blooded murderer, she probably would have known how to delete her "cookies".  I delete my cookies and my history every day, and I`m not even a duplicitous murderer.

OH MY GOD!!!  I MYSELF just did a Google search on "Chloroform" to see how it is spelled!  Does this mean that I will be charged with MURDER 3 months from now?  OH MY GOD! I better wear a chef`s hat so that none of my hairs fall out on the kitchen floor and decompose with all the crumbs on the floor!  OH MY GOD!

To conclude, I do not necessarily think that Casey is innocent or guilty.  Someone needs to remind the TV JERKS that every American has a right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers, which is not the same as 50 million moronic TV viewers.

Someone should also remind those IDIOT prosecutors that their job is to find out who really murdered Caylee, if she was murdered.  Their job is not to just scrounge around and invent evidence to crucify Casey.