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Published:June 9th, 2011 17:14 EST
What`s Harder to Stop Than a Train?

What`s Harder to Stop Than a Train?

By Michael Weidenhamer

What`s harder to stop than a train? A train of progress. The community of Vero Beach, Florida is trying to get a tri-rail train station built. This would allow people to go from one city to the next without having to drive their cars and sit in traffic. The Vero Beach city council is trying to kill the deal because it doesn`t think there is enough funding. They don`t seem to realize that the federal government is awarding funds to state and local governments for projects like this.    

This train can bring many benefits. It would make for a greater Florida economy, since people could get to places like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando in an easier way. More business for Busch Gardens and Disney World? They probably would not object.

Since Vero Beach has such a high unemployment rate, the train will make it easier for people to go to work in other cities. Teenagers who want to work and earn money wouldn`t have to worry about getting a car because they can hop on a train to their jobs. And since the train will be going all over, those same teenagers won`t have to be limited to their town for job opportunities. If a 16 year old nabs a job in glitzy Miami, she doesn`t have to worry about buying a car. One less stress in a teen`s life.

Just building the train would create jobs. Kim Delaney, growth management coordinator for the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, says "Corridor-wide there would be 2,100 jobs created within three years. Much of it would be construction work, but there would be about 700 transportation jobs along the entire route. Within 10 years, the project should generate about 6,300 jobs."

The train could also help cut back on pollution. If less people are driving cars, then those cars won`t be emitting toxic waste into the air. And if enough people use this train and drive their cars less, it would serve as a good example for other states to do the same thing.

This isn`t America`s only infrastructure problem. Bill Maher has stated many times on his show that it`s impossible to drive anywhere because the roads are terrible. If the American government will not provide decent roads for people to drive on, then why not have a train taking them wherever they need to go?