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Published:June 10th, 2011 10:50 EST
A Poem: To Jack

A Poem: To Jack

By Ed Roberts

To Jack


They called him a monster

Labeled him a criminal

Mocked him

Made him a brunt to all of their jokes

They gave him the name

Doctor Death


Yes, he was a doctor

One who for far too many years

Saw the suffering

Of his patients

Of his friends

He heard their pleas for release

Begging to escape the pain

And he heard his colleagues

Too afraid to take action

To afraid to do what they should do

In order to help


For several years

He helped them

Those who sought him out

He ignored the protests of the many

He let nothing stand in the way

Of those who asked

Finally though

They caged him

Stripped him of his freedom

Tried to destroy him and any dignity

That he had left

In the end though

Some did listen

They passed their laws

Still restricted by fear of liability

But at least they tried to make a change


I followed this man

The one they called Doctor Death

He passed away last Friday

I mourn his loss

In some ways for personal reasons

For I know that someday

Maybe not too far in the future

I may need someone with his compassion

His fortitude

And I fear there might not be someone like him

When they are needed the most


Ed Roberts 06/08/11


We hold the power to extend life

We seek the power to create it

Far too often though

I feel

We fail to recognize when it is best

To release it