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Published:June 10th, 2011 16:36 EST

Army Wives' Brigid Brannagh Has 'A Crush on You'

By Paulette Cohn

Think You`ve Got Mail crossed with Cyrano de Bergerac and you have the basic premise of A Crush on You, the Hallmark Channel`s new romantic comedy starring Army Wives` Brigid Brannagh and Sean Patrick Flannery.


"It is the idea that you think you are in love with one person when in fact it is another," Brannagh says. "All the qualities that you are loving are actually somebody else`s. The whole relationship is done by e-mail, so you only know each other electronically. ButiIt might be a little bold to call it the Cyrano of our time."


Brannagh plays Charlie, a overworked single mom who gets an unexpected email from a "secret admirer," and she is pushed back into the dating world by two of her female co-workers who think it is time she got over the man who left her when she gave birth to his son.

Charlie is not as confident a character as Pamela., but the two characters have one thing in  common: they are both hard workers. Pamela as a Charleston cop; Charlie in her job for Game 1 Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

"When you play somebody who is a mom and a decent person certain things will be similar and, of course, I am playing them so there are certain qualities that I come with but beyond that she is a much more self-conscious " the kind of person who doesn`t allow themselves to take up too much space in the room. That`s not Pamela," Brannagh says.

In A Crush on You, Ben (Flanery),, as he`s known in the virtual world, has a case of "love at first sight" when he sees a beautiful woman in a café and over hears Chloe Andersen (Christine Scott Bennett) giving her email address ( to a friend. Later that night, Ben courageously breaks the ice by introducing himself to Chloe anonymously via email with this message: "Five Top Reasons Why I`m Your Secret Admirer." But, Ben`s display of affection for Chloe is misfiled when his emails are instead delivered to Charley Anderson

In real life, Brannagh says she would never answer such an e-mail. "I am a wink-wink email person. I don`t write real thoughts on email. I certainly wouldn`t be flirting on email," she says. Then she reveals, "Honestly, they were trying to have me type. They had to have a stunt double because I was so terrible at it."

A Crush on You premieres Saturday, June 11 on the Hallmark Channel.