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Published:June 10th, 2011 12:12 EST

Intruder Beats Hell Out Of Man With Dead Weasel

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Washington state police said a man out searching for his girlfriend had a dead member of the weasel family with him when he entered a home and attacked a man.

Hoquiam police said the man, whose name was not released, was looking for his girlfriend Monday night when he entered the home of her ex-boyfriend and confronted a man who was a guest in the home, KIRO-TV, Seattle, reported Thursday."


`Why are you carrying a weasel?` the man asked the intruder.


If an intruder wielding a dead weasel enters my home, the last question I would ask is "Why are you carrying a weasel?" I would grab my shotgun, and the only question I would ask him is , "Do you want to be as dead as that weasel you are brandishing?"

"It`s not a weasel, it`s a marten, " the intruder replied. I don`t know a weasel from a marten or a hole in the ground, but I can readily recognize an intruder. I wouldn`t waste any time making polite conversation, I would run for my shotgun.

It would take a psychologist who specializes in abnormal psychology to figure out why a man seeking to confront his girlfriend`s ex-boyfriend picked up a dead weasel instead of a knife or a gun.

I could care less what happened to the intruder or his victim, I have only one question: Was the dead animal a weasel or a marten?

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