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Published:June 14th, 2011 19:57 EST
All Tied Up Productions Team Presents The Huntress - Tina Ulrich

All Tied Up Productions Team Presents The Huntress - Tina Ulrich

By Tom Ski

There are two names you will be seeing quite a lot of in the coming months; two names that you will remember and want nothing more than to join forces with.   These names represent one of the most amazing companies that provides an overall service to entertainers, athletes, and authors, through integrated marketing efforts in all areas of public relations, social media network marketing, and event planning. The other "is the name of a woman who is exemplary at making events happen for the ultimate performers that audiences across the globe are absolutely begging to see in person!     

Tina Ulrich

The first of these names belongs to All Tied Up Productions (ATUP); and, the second is Tina Ulrich, who is the phenomenal owner of Vine Ripe Presentations.  Vine Ripe is an incredible event planning business that KNOWS what a performer needs, and is KNOWN for building careers the likes of which Justin Bieber, Steven King, and all the greatest artists  - in all facets of the entertainment world - would admire and covet for themselves.   

Vine Ripe Presentations, and the colossal force that is Tina Ulrich, take pride in providing clients with creative marketing and promotions that are geared to engage fans and consumers.  Tina Ulrich takes the time to understand the message that her client`s want to communicate to their target audience, and works to develop a Public Relations program that caters to a client and their needs.   

With Vine Ripe Presentations, which offers everything from booking to promotional services for musicians, bands, and artists; teaming up with All Tied Up Productions, which are the masters at utilizing all social networking media to promote a career, artists, authors, companies, organizations - heck, just about everyone out there - people will be jumping for absolute joy!   

Yes, there`s Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and ReverbNation, along with Lwitocal radio promotions, but also offered are some of the best multi-media professionals in the business who work on EPK`s, photo shoots, videography, and one sheets.  The list of services goes on and on!    

As someone involved in the literary industry, I know about the immense amount of strength, determination, and work that has to be put into achieving your dream.  And, Tina Ulrich is THE woman who you want right by your side as you aim your career toward the stratosphere.  Her work ethic, her creativity, her keen business sense, and her fantastic look at life and incredible sense of humor make up the qualities of a PERFECT representative - which, I`ll tell you, just doesn`t exist out there in the natural world.     

Can you imagine having someone beside you who wants YOU to succeed?  Tina Ulrich has the mind, strength, and soul that any artist would kill for.  And now, Tina Ulrich has become a huge member of All Tied Up Productions unstoppable team.  Pooling resources, these two incredible companies are about to set every facet of the corporate and entertainment worlds on fire!   

Yes, the envy can once again flow when you find out that I was given the opportunity to speak with this truly amazing woman; and Tina not only took time away from one of the busiest schedules on the planet, but she was also the kindest interview I think I`ve ever had.  Inside and out, Tina Ulrich has already proven to this writer that if I could choose one person on this earth to help me in my career - Tina is IT!!   

With this article, I am introducing you to this amazing woman, and I only beg of you one thing.  Form a nice calm line as you all rush to your emails, or pick up your cells, to start begging this lady to take you on as a client.  Because, trust me, each and every one of you, after learning about Tina Ulrich, will be battling like gladiators in the Coliseum to get her on your team.   

I know, I know I do have a tendency to run on when I`ve struck gold in a purely tin world.  So, without any more yapping, here is the woman who can, quite literally, give you the career of your dreams!   

Can you tell our readers a little about your background - what drew you into the promotion business?   

I`m just a down home southern girl from Georgia and, yes, I am one of those Huntress/Hick Chick/Camo-wearing kinda` girls.  In my downtime you can find me spending time with my family, or riding  `them` dirt roads.    

My friends describe me as a positive, upbeat, outgoing, honest, and hardworking woman.  I come from a musically talented family, and my grandmother, brother, sister, and cousins have all been involved in playing and performing music.  I have seen thousands of concerts over the years and have had the pleasure to interview some of the country`s greatest acts.   

I`ve had many articles published in music magazines and websites but my hunger, and what I was drawn to, was what went on behind the scenes to make an event come together.  I`m a real  `people` person, and I thrive off the energy that promotions and events require to make a big production come to life.    

How did the opening of Vine Ripe Presentations come to be?   

From my life-long love of music, and after working for several business`s in the entertainment industry, I found it was easier to back up my own words than the words of others.  My vision behind Vine Ripe Presentations came from enjoying and interacting with the public, and helping to fill a need to further an artist`s career by helping them to promote their music and expanding their fan base through bookings and events.   

Are you, personally, interested in music? If so, who are your favorites? And if you could meet just one person, who would it be? (Living or dead, is fine).    

I love music of all genres, especially Country and Southern Rock, and it`s hard to imagine my daily life without any music at all. The rhythm of the guitar, the fiddle, the steel peddle, the drums, the bass they all speak to my soul and make my heart happy, so music is a  `must have` for me.    

Some of my favorites are; the up-coming country star Colt Ford.  He pushes the boundaries between country and hip hop and I think that`s a bold move;  also Hank Jr. and Stevie Ray Vaughn...need I say more?  If I had the opportunity to meet a particular artist I`d like to spend a few minutes with Martina McBride or Miranda Lambert. They both are powerful women with very strong personalities who are engaging and inspiring to me - and I would soak up any advice they gave me like a sponge.   

SO much goes into event planning. Can you tell us a little about the steps/procedures of helping that band rise in the charts? And, are you actually involved at the venue, itself, when the client takes the stage?   

I`d have to say that negotiations between the artist and the venue is the first step.  Next, would be continuous promotions at the highest level including radio, print, and online avenues, followed up by a successful event.    

Yes, I am very involved at the venues.  From the  `load in` to `sound check,` I feel it`s important to try and be on hand for our artist; whether it`s to calm nerves or handle the unexpected situations.  When I`m on hand it allows my artist to focus on being creative and on giving their fans the best possible performance.  That`s really important to me.   

Do you plan events for the music industry only, or are there other jobs you get into such as planning for writers, actors, etc.?    

VRP helps in planning various events for musicians, artists, festivals, fairs and other business`s that are in need of exposure.  We also help in arranging Meet and Greets, Press Releases, Merchandise Sales, Photography, and more!   

In this social networking world, do you get to meet your clients face to face?    

It`s not always possible to meet every client face to face, but I try to meet as many of my clients as I possibly can.  I feel like they`re all a part of my extended family.



I always give a shout-out  to James Lipton with anyone new who is joining the team, and our readers absolutely love it.  It`s a way to get to know the person and their sense of humor.  


Other than your own profession - what profession would you like to try?    

Being a Retired Event Planner!   

What profession would you never like to try?     

Trash service    

What is your favorite word?    

Hey! (It opens the door for communication!)   

What is your least favorite word?    

No.  (It just means that I have to work harder to get a YES!)   

And, When you arrive at the Pearly Gates, what would you like God to say?    


What more can I say, readers?  This is one woman who knows her stuff!  And, frankly, she could be the event planner for the next Royal Wedding, this woman is that good.     

All I can hope is that there`s some  `miracle worker` above that will one day allow this writer to work with a miracle maker like Tina Ulrich.  I am already idolizing her and thinking about where her statue should be placed in the future.  Perhaps, the great New York Public Library? After all, William Shakespeare would`ve been even BIGGER with Tina Ulrich by his side.   

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The Huntress has arrived!   

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