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Published:June 14th, 2011 09:31 EST
Introducing Pete Olsen - A Social Networking Genius!

Introducing Pete Olsen - A Social Networking Genius!

By Tom Ski

An Incredible Man Joins An Incredible Mission!   

All Tied Up Productions - the only company on the planet that is made up of a team of professionals who provide turnkey solutions for entertainers, athletes, and authors, through integrated marketing efforts in all areas of public relations, social media network marketing, and event planning - are proud to announce yet another glorious windfall!  And that amazing gift goes by the name of Pete Olsen.   

Pete Olsen

Trust me when I say this, ladies and gentlemen, to say that you have Pete Olsen working for you is a lot like announcing that you`ve actually found the `Holy Grail` of the social networking world.  (No! not an overstatement at all).  And not only can All Tied Up Productions celebrate the addition of Pete Olsen to their team, but the incredible company Be First, Inc. can beam just as brightly because they, too, can count Pete Olsen among their incredible team members!   

Be First, Inc. is a social media advertising group that utilizes a combination of research, media relations, publicity, and marketing communications to promote all of their clients to a huge segment of the public and business communities.  The professionals on their team believe that the most significant person in an advertising campaign is the client.  (Trust me, that`s new to the corporate world - a company that cares about YOU and YOUR career?  What a great idea!)  In fact, the Be First mission is to develop creative advertising campaigns that appeal to both the rational and emotional motivations of customers, and doing all of this while maintaining YOUR vision!   

Solid market research allows companies like Be First, Inc. and All Tied Up Productions a way to absolutely focus on identifying, developing, and creating campaigns that convey each brand`s unique personality and, by using their resources, these two incredible powerhouses win YOU new customers while keeping current customers; strengthen YOUR image; and, make sure that the marketplace is AWARE of YOU!   

Can you imagine joining up with a company that actually wants you to be able to retire young?  Be First, Inc. understands that YOUR brand is your image, as well as a promise to consistently deliver better than your competition.  They also understand that media expenditures represent the largest portion of marketing budgets; and, in this economy as it stands, it is almost impossible to put out the dough and receive the best marketing available - marketing that gives YOU actual results!  Traditional print, broadcast, Google Ad Words - absolutely every avenue possible - is explored and utilized to negotiate the best deal for YOU!  There is no guesswork with ATUP or Be First, Inc.  The website that YOU and YOUR company have and interactive strategies, should be the core of all your marketing efforts.  I mean, let`s face it, nowadays consumers consult the internet before making even the smallest purchase - and if your website isn`t providing an efficient, informative experience to customers than you`re losing business.   

Now, readers, think of all these services that will build your career and your company - that will actually have YOUR name on front pages across America, followed by the key phrase The Next Big Thing!  - and think about what would put you and your music, or your books, or your performances, or your company over the top?  Answer:  Pete Olsen.     

Pete Olsen is not only the perfect partner for your career, but he is also a man who has served each and every one of you by going above and beyond the call.  Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, Pete graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science/Political Science Degree.  He then went on for five years to serve his - OUR - country, as a Naval Officer.  This, automatically, brings Pete Olsen so far up in his client`s (and this writer`s) estimation, that to be perfect at his other job is simply remarkable.     

Pete Olsen worked in Corporate America with such huge companies, as Johnson and Johnson and Taylor Made.  And, thankfully for the rest of us, there came a time when Pete Olsen decided to break out on his own.   

For the last twelve years, Pete has been self-employed and, for just over two and a half years, has been the most extraordinary social media consultant that this country has ever seen.  With over 200,000 (no, that`s not a typo, folks) followers on Twitter, Pete Olsen has built himself up as one of the largest, most amazing people in all areas of social media.    

Living in the beautiful, picturesque Kalispell, Montana with his family, Pete Olsen has now become part of the Be First, Inc. and All Tied Up Productions teams - two companies that have mastered the art of social media and expanding a company`s bottom line.   

Be First, Inc. and ATUP have grown their social media presence to over 600,000 followers (yet again, not a typo) on Twitter, along with bringing a digital presence of millions of readers through seventy-three online papers and two dynamic radio stations - talk about a double whammy!  These companies excel at creating brand recognition for YOU and YOUR company while bringing YOUR product and/or service to over twenty million new consumers a month!   

Whereas, Be First, Inc. concentrates on various business and corporate fields, All Tied Up Productions, is known for their implementation and customized media programs that impact a great deal of client`s in the entertainment industry.  From shaping the public image of many actors, authors, musicians, athletes, film networks, television shows, production companies, corporations, and brands - ATUP takes careers of artists to the next level!   

Staffed by energetic, smart, fast-paced, and focused individuals who all share a common goal - to grow and do the best job for their clients - ATUP could NOT have found a better partner than the amazing, Pete Olsen.  In fact, Pete and ATUP have many things in common such as, they are both absolute experts in communication, and they both know that communication is the key to success!   

Pete Olsen is very much the ultimate representative; a man who is dedicated to putting a company and/or person over the top.  Can you imagine actually retiring early and enjoying the wealth that you`ve amassed over the years from becoming a client of Pete Olsen`s?  In this day and age it`s hard to imagine retiring at ninety, but Pete Olsen IS a man who promises, provides (and has accomplished for years) making YOUR brand one of the most important, if not, the most important brand in your particular industry!   

In the end, a consummate professional with more ideas than  `J.K. Rowling`s` beloved Hogwarts had rooms, Pete Olsen is the one man that any company, any artist - frankly, anyone - would want on their side.      

This is not just an introduction, readers.  This is an all-out celebration!  Yes.  Before you even think to ask, I absolutely agree with you.  Get on your hotmail, get on your cell phone, and get this incredible man and company on your side!  The sooner you do it, the sooner that retirement will happen!  Make your dream come true.  Even though that sounds like a silly, grade-school cliché, it`s actually finally a real possibility when you enter into the world of ATUP, Be First, and the remarkable Pete Olsen!   

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Until Next Time, Everybody!