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Published:June 14th, 2011 19:12 EST

Skyler Samuels Premieres Tonight on Nine Lives of Chloe King

By Paulette Cohn

It`s not every teenage girl who dies and comes back to life, but that is one of the abilities that Chloe King (Skyler Samuels) inherits, along with some super powers, when she discovers on her 16th birthday that she`s part of an ancient race called the Mai.


The Nine Lives of Chloe King premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family, but first read what the 17-year-old Samuels has to say about her first starring role in a TV series.


Tell us about Chloe.

Skyler Samuels: Chloe is a very normal girl who on her 16th birthday discovers that she has these supernatural abilities. The thing that really throws her is when she realizes that she has claws. That`s kind of the first indication that something is going on here. If you found claws, I think, you too would be like, "OK, something is going on." So she discovers that she`s got claws and these supernatural abilities. She can run really, really fast. She`s very agile, and she`s got super-hearing.

What do you like best about her?

Skyler Samuels: I really love Chloe because she`s also empathic. That`s one of her traits and I love that because a lot of times with superheroes their abilities are very physical, all the things that they can do, like the Flash is fast, and Spider-Man crawls everywhere. Chloe King connects with people. She can be walking down the street and all of a sudden she`ll connect with a complete stranger. If they`re feeling scared, she`ll feel scared all of a sudden and she helps them. She can feel what people are feeling. It`s a very interesting way of how Chloe finds herself in trouble and saves people`s lives by really tapping into them on an emotional level.

If you could have a super power in real life what would you want?

Skyler Samuels: I would probably take the super speed because I could get a lot more done in a day if I was as fast as Chloe King. I could shoot a whole day, go to school, go out to lunch, and run errands.

How do you relate to her personally?

Skyler Samuels: Well, we`re both really goofy. I wish I had claws! Chloe`s not the biggest fan of school. I`m a total nerd. I`m actually a junior in high school.  I go to a real high school, a college prep school here in Los Angeles.

What I relate to the most is I recently turned 17, so I am true to age with Chloe. We really have had the opportunity to grow together. When we did the pilot in November of last year, I was 16. Chloe turned 16 and it was amazing because she`s taught me so much and there are so many things that she`s going through -- how to talk to a boy, she`s totally goofy and nervous and doesn`t know what to say and she`s constantly like, "Oh, you`re so cute" and "I don`t know what to do" and "How do I tell my mom about it?" She`s totally 16 in every way and I find myself in the same situation.

But I think the biggest difference is that Chloe is fearless and she`s never afraid to take a risk, whereas, I would be like No, no, no, never." I`m super doctrinaire. I`d never stay out past curfew or go out alone at night but Chloe is like, "Forget about it, I`m out there." And she`s very loyal to her family and to her friends. And for those people who are after her, the best way to get to someone is to get to those they love and so Chloe is very defensive. She fights the fight for those she loves and I think that`s cool.

Why Nine Lives?

Skyler Samuels: The nine lives aspect of the title is that Chloe is the uniter of this tribe -- the Mai people -- and the uniter has nine lives to live. Essentially, I can die and live nine times. That`s kind of where the chase aspect of the show comes in because these people are trying to get to me. The Order, which is an enemy that`s against us, sends out assassins and the goal is to kill Chloe King as many times as it takes until she`s no longer.

We hear Chloe`s in a love triangle of sorts. Whose team are you on?

Skyler Samuels: Oh I could never say that! They`re both awesome and two very different personalities. I have a great time working with both Grey [Damon] and Ben [Stone]. They`re a lot of fun and even though on the show it`s very intense -- it`s a constant steamy, love triangle -- as soon as they call "cut," they`re like big brothers. We roughhouse and play and have a good time. But it`s hard to say what team I`m on. I`m very curious to see how the audience will respond because this first season we have a lot of really interesting twists in the love-story portion, so it`s kind of up to the audience who will win Chloe`s heart. You`ll have to stay tuned.