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Published:June 14th, 2011 22:40 EST
Stephanie Courtney Combats Bullying With Music

Stephanie Courtney Combats Bullying With Music

By SOP newswire2

Vocalist Stephanie Courtney is a teenager who wants to touch others with her music and messages. Along those lines, one problem plaguing large numbers of young people these days is that of bullying. Whether they are being tormented at school or in their neighborhood, it all feels bad to be the target of the ridicule. Bullying takes all forms from mental, physical, and emotional; and the teasing arises from almost anything.  Wearing glasses or braces, to being overweight or gay to being a different religion or not dressing in the latest gear all spark the act of bullying. 

Stephanie`s self-penned "Taken Over" will illustrate the "aloneness" that a teen who is being bullied feels.  Through the power of her music, Stephanie touches on the importance of addressing the issue of bullying.  Inspiring lyrics, encouraging words, and valuable lessons all combine into "Taken Over" which truly sends an imperative message about bullying.

To hear how Stephanie is fighting back:

THE CRUELTY OF BULLYING: 17 year old singer Stephanie Courtney fights back


For more information about "Taken Over" 

Twitter: @stephaniesmusic