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Published:June 15th, 2011 20:37 EST
Breaking the Chains of Domestic Violence with 'Free to Soar'

Breaking the Chains of Domestic Violence with 'Free to Soar'

By SOP newswire2

It was a turning point in Rebecca Adams`s life when a psychologist asked her why she continued to live with her abusive, unstable husband. In this moment of epiphany, Rebecca began to sob as she realized that this was what she had been subconsciously waiting for -- someone to acknowledge that she must escape. With the support of their three children, Rebecca fled her husband and left behind decades of increasingly frequent and intense abuse. Now she writes about the grueling experience in her new book, "Free to Soar."

In a sense, domestic violence was homespun in Rebecca Adams`s life. Though her mother was a loving person, her father and her stepfather were controlling and abusive, and unexpectedly, her husband also developed those same awful traits. Like many others in her situation, Rebecca was so overwhelmed by the mental, financial, sexual, and spiritual abuse that she hid her pain, she assumed it was her fault, and she denied the magnitude of the problem for many years. In final desperation she reached out to God and found the strength she needed to start a new life and to write about the old one so that others wouldn`t suffer as she did.

Not only is Miss Adams`s book the story of her transformation from victim to victor, it is a beneficial autobiography for others. "Free to Soar" also includes extensive lists of the warning signs of abuse and contact information for many victims advocate groups. Today, Rebecca Adams is happy for opportunities to share her story for church and civic groups, she annually organizes a Valentine`s Day event for single women, she looks for every opportunity to reach out to women in the local shelters, and women in need of escaping an abusive environment.

For more information, to request a review copy of "Free to Soar," or to schedule an interview, please contact Josiah Williams by phone at 360-802-9758, by email at, or by fax at 360-802-9992. To purchase a copy of this book visit or call 877-421-7323.

Source: Christian Newswire