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Published:June 15th, 2011 19:05 EST

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' In Free Fall; Adele's '21' Continues To Soar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It looks like Lady Gaga`s amazon sale really exhausted her audience. `Born this Way` sold only 105,000 in its second week. It dropped 38% from the previous week according to That put it at Number 2, behind Adele`s "21 " album. This is quite stunning since some Universal record execs I spoke to on Monday thought they`d hit at least 125,000. But `Born this Way` has already gone through four singles, and none of them except the title track ever got breakthrough attention."


Lady Gaga`s much hyped album "Born This Way" continues its free fall to obscurity. "Born This Way" sold like hotcakes at 99 cents, but as soon as the Amazon promotion ended sales started a downwards spiral.

Adele`s sophomore album "21" has topped the charts since it was released in February. Lady Gaga`s sophomoric effort "Born This Way", interrupted Adele`s reign for a couple of weeks, but now the UK superstar is back where she belongs at number one.

You will never catch Adele wearing a dress made from raw meat, or engaging in silly shenanigans and calling it "performance art." You will never hear Adele make an outrageous statement to generate headlines. Adele will never write an idiotic lyric like" I`m not bluffin` with my muffin" just to get people talking about her song.

Adele relies on her powerful vocals and intelligent lyrics, the British diva doesn`t have to resort to pathetic publicity stunts to sell  records. If Lady Gaga wants to revive her career, she needs to follow Adele`s example and be true to herself.

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