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Published:June 15th, 2011 15:24 EST

Moron Brothers Fight Over Bottle Of Shampoo, Land In Jail!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Wisconsin said an incident starting as an argument about shampoo ended with the arrests of two brothers for disorderly conduct."


The brothers, Jonathan and Jared Piper, aren`t teenagers, the morons are 27 and 32 respectively. The fight started after Jonathan took a bottle of shampoo from Jared`s room. I can understand a fight over a bong leading to fisticuffs, but an altercation over a bottle of shampoo is ridiculous.


When the cops arrived they found Jonathan Pippert arguing with his mother on the front lawn. What was the imbecile arguing with his mother about? "Mom, please don`t make me give the bottle of shampoo back to Jared! This is payback, he stole one of my video games!

The mother should kick her idiot sons to the curb! Jonathan has an extensive police record, when is she going to get a clue and let the oxygen thief fend for himself?

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