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Published:June 15th, 2011 09:04 EST
What a Bummer Summer?

What a Bummer Summer?

By Anjelica Gomez

This year`s summer movie line-up has brought me to the conclusion that there are so many concepts and themes still waiting to be picked up and put onto the big screen.

To me it seems the producers lack creative ambiguity, their scouring through their assortment of ancient comic books, tearing up their children`s libraries and that`s it. Yet another movie that once was something, (i.e. the upcoming adaptation of The Smurfs).

From the restart of the X-Men franchise to the installation of Captain America, all the vivacious CGI is superb, you can never go wrong with in your face action and almost-somewhat-perhaps real graphics and well, who doesn`t wish to be a mutant being?

Who doesn`t giggle at destructive penguins, or thank God for yet another man who has saved us because mankind as always so desperately needs saving from alien invasions and what not. It`s quite repetitive and simply too easy. I intend to be the one to pick up the Barbie and Ken concept, it could be great. Right?