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Published:June 16th, 2011 09:42 EST
Introducing D`Driva:  An Incredible Artist with a Truly Incredible Story!

Introducing D`Driva: An Incredible Artist with a Truly Incredible Story!

By Krista Boyer
Cyber Sex


There are so many stories out there, readers.  There are stories of singers and performers who strike it rich overnight.  There are stories that regale fans with the amazing thousand-foot drops that certain beloved performers have taken when their worlds are suddenly ripped out from underneath them, or their careers have come to a screeching halt.  However, there are some performers out there in the world who have real stories - stories that will inspire, help, motivate, and invigorate others who have the dream but not the opportunity to get them where they want to go. 

D Driva 1


This writer has had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to a hip hop/rap artist whose album will not only rise up the charts, but stay at the top of the charts, simply because he has the immense talent, drive, strength, and power to take what has been given to him and turn it into the ultimate prize.  



That`s not to say that everything has been easy or laid out in front of this man.  In fact, it`s just the opposite.  DeJuan Driva had to work for it; he had to step from one world where he absolutely knew what his future would be, into a world that could`ve destroyed him if it weren`t for the fact that he was a man with such heart and soul that he would one day find himself indestructible at least, in the world of music.


Immediately, I want to go on record as being completely honored to be the one to first tell the story of DeJuan Driva to our readers.  Because this is one writer who knows completely, that once you hear the lyrics and melodies that come out of the brain of DeJuan Driva, you will be wondering why you`ve ever listened to anyone else.


The name is D`Driva, and I mean that.  D`Driva is THE name of the next superstar performer who is on his way to becoming a legend in the hip hop/rap world.  It will come as no surprise to me one day when the name D`Driva appears on a list with performers like, Tupac; Dr. Dre; Ice Cube, and others!


D`Driva`s first CD is titled, Hood Rich - and every single song on this album is filled with the spirit, determination, and strength that all performers should have - even SAY they have - but don`t.  D`Driva actually proves with each and every track that he does have it, and is about to become a global phenomenon!


The story of DeJuan Driva reads like a novel.  From beginnings to endings - from fear to happiness - D`Driva has seen and been through it all.  In Los Angeles, California, D`Driva is working on a career that will span decades, but it is a career that D`Driva had no idea he would have.  Asking D`Driva years ago about the world of music and rapping, he would`ve most likely laughed it off - as would many of his friends, family, and others who made up his circle.   DeJuan Driva was not looking to become a rap artist.  In fact, that particular  `dream` was about as far away from the sports world where DeJuan Driva was making his mark.


Coming off the streets, DeJuan Driva had two very important qualities on his side - strong ambition and unbreakable determination.  As a child, he was one who possessed a variety of talents:  From basketball and football to the world of graphic arts design and even stage acting.  This was a heart, soul, and mind that were filled to the brim with dreams, goals, and mountains yet to be climbed.


In the late 1990`s, DeJuan Driva was a basketball player extraordinaire.  DeJuan was a high school American two-time `All State;` two-time  `All Star;` two-time defensive player; and, one-time MVP.  In fact, DeJuan`s sports record once read like Michael Jordan`s did just as his career began to take off.  There was nothing and no one that could stop DeJuan Driva from one day becoming the number one draft pick in the NBA.


Dreams are amazing things to have.  Nightmares, however, that seem to come along with dreams are pure horror shows, and finding a reason for them is impossible.  The following summer of a promising year, DeJuan Driva suffered a life threatening injury from a car accident, where he was originally pronounced D.O.A.


That summer, going into DeJuan`s Senior year of high school, was spent in a coma - where the dream of basketball slipped away.  Again, it is impossible to understand the tragedies that life doles out, and this particular tragedy changed DeJuan`s life forever - forcing him onto a new path that he had no idea how to walk. 


DeJuan Driva awoke from that coma to face a brand new destiny but that destiny was incredibly hard to see at the beginning.  DeJuan Driva was a young man who had it all before that accident.  And, afterwards, the  `street life` was what took over DeJuan`s hours.  The days became shorter, and his heart was still wounded from losing his dream overnight.  It seemed to DeJuan that his earlier life had screamed out greatness, achievement, and the promise of having a life that only a very few could even dream of.  And, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, DeJuan had gone from the heights of basketball fame to a world of jail cells, high speed chases, and weapons` charges.  But whatever  `higher power` it was that had brought DeJuan out of that coma, also knew that there was no giving up on DeJuan:  He had a mission to do and a dream to achieve.


Throughout DeJuan`s hard journey he lived in New Orleans, Alabama, and then returned back to California.  Along this path, DeJuan eventually found the passion for other talents he didn`t even know he had.  DeJuan started designing, and writing music in his free time, when all of a sudden that tremendous artistic talent sprang forth from DeJuan`s soul and D`Driva was born.


Thus far, D`Driva has performed shows with artists like: Pretty Ricky, Fat Al, the Look Like Money Tour with Charlie Boi, Marcus Houston, and LiL O.  With these amazing performances behind him, and a huge amount before him, D`Driva`s career will soon be catapulted into the stratosphere.


This is one remarkable performer whose story is very, very far from over.


Until Next Time, Everybody!


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