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Published:June 19th, 2011 12:40 EST
A Letter to Dad

A Letter to Dad

By Ed Roberts

A Letter to Dad

I woke up this morning
Turned off the alarm clock
And got out of bed

Just like I used to do

I turned on the TV
Turned on the computer
And read my e-mails

Just another day

Later I ate lunch
Took a nap
Got back up
And got ready to go to work

Another ordinary day

I got home from work
Took a shower
Read a few more e-mails on the computer
And started off to bed

I had to stop
I couldn`t walk past the paper and pen
That was sitting here on the desk
I couldn`t walk past your picture
You know the one
The one hanging on the wall in the living room

No everything today was normal
And probably will be tomorrow
Everything was just like it was before
But now you are gone

I could not imagine a world without you
Not having you there
Whenever I picked up the phone
When I found time for you
In all the everyday hustle of my life
Whenever I needed your support
Whenever I needed your help
You were always there

I`m the Grandfather now
The one that my sons turn to
When they find the time
When they are faced with their challenges
I`m the one that they call

I wish I was half as good at this
As you were

So tonight
I am sitting alone in a dark room
One on one
With paper and pen
Trying to capture these few words

Trying to write in between my tears
Just to let you know
The world isn`t the same anymore
At least not for me

I know you`re still here
Sometimes I can see your face
When I look at my sons
I can hear your laugh
Coming out of my grandson`s mouth

I am writing this
Just to let you know
I am trying

Someday when we are back together again
You can let me know
Just how you think I did

Ed Roberts 1/27/07

( Taken from Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope)