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Published:June 19th, 2011 18:31 EST
ASC - Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation  An Organization Offering Hope!

ASC - Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation An Organization Offering Hope!

By Tom Ski

There is an absolutely incredible organization out there called, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, that is dedicated to improving the teamwork of scientists and adventurers as they `partner up,` in order to gain the knowledge necessary to improve the deteriorating environmental conditions across the globe.

ASC is committed to saving our natural resources - ecological, environmental, and stunning locations - by creating projects that will help increase our scientific understanding.  In essence, ASC teaches people what they must first know in order to better understand the dangers that a location and/or breed faces in this perilous world.  This information is urgently needed in order to make the management decisions and choices that must be made in order to, quite literally, save our world and its resources.

The population of our earth is growing by leaps and bounds, and with this incredible growth more and more of our wildlife and locations are being hugely affected in a negative way.  Although there are many who wish to solve the problems humanity faces, ASC knows what a huge abyss exists between understanding the negative impacts that we`re having on this planet and, to quote ASC, the collection of data that could potentially shed light on these impacts which can be expensive, time consuming, and physically challenging.

ASC does all it can to organize research projects that take them to some of the most remote areas of our land in order to collect scientific research that will help fix the problems that exist.  To do this, not only are money and time required, but also people who own the wilderness skills necessary to carry out ASC missions.

The amazing idea that has been put together by this organization is twofold.  There are scientists who very much want to conserve and heal what ails us, and they are endowed with the brains to make that happen.  There are also adventure athletes who are people that possess the physical ability to travel into remote areas that are desperately in need of help to survive.  These adventurers want to do everything within their power to help and become, perhaps, the `ambassadors of the outdoors.`  Acquiring the wilderness skills that are needed to complete a mission such as this, however, sometimes take decades to amass.  But with ASC the phrase, `brains and brawn,` come to light, as they form partnerships between these fantastic scientists and eager adventurers in order to correct and solve the issues that are causing our resources to crumble.

Yes, there are other organizations in the world who wish to help, but ASC does their job by specifically utilizing and harnessing the unique abilities and skills owned by climbers, mountaineers, divers, paddlers, and others who are ready, willing, and able to find a way to protect the earth`s most vital resources.  Then, they put them together with the scientists who are collecting data, and a solution comes to light.

ASC has an amazing and absolutely do-able list of objectives:

In addition to mobilizing citizens that include an army of scientists who will work together to gather inexpensive and reliable data from around the world, ASC also gives a bevy of adventure athletes the help and tools they need in order to join forces with the scientists in their battle to conserve and maintain the wild.  ASC inspires and invigorates all users of the outdoors - even ones who use nature for purely recreational purposes - to ban together and use their time to advance the efforts of conservation, as well as to promote wise decisions for the rest of the world to live by.  Most of all, ASC wishes to gain the public`s support for the duty of preserving our natural locations.

Working with several conservation organizations, ASC joins them to recruit participants who will help in their very serious - and, much needed - projects.  They also work with state, local, and nationwide companies to implement citizen-science programs; and, through the leaders of the outdoor industry, ASC taps into everyone from your everyday outdoor enthusiast to the professional adventure athlete, in order to bring their ideas to the masses. 

The serious and recreational outdoor adventurers that ASC recruits are linked to a scientist who is needing to collect the data that will be used for continued conservation efforts.  In addition, there are many of us traveling across the globe every day who are absolutely willing to become a part of ASC`s mission, and are offered the opportunity to collect the data necessary in the perfect way - by first developing their skills with the adventurer they are `partnered` with before they leave.

For other companies, ASC knows that organizations and associations are being asked for sponsorship on a daily basis.  But what ASC offers to these potential sponsors is a chance to get even more out of their sponsorship.  ASC vets every sponsorship proposal to ensure there scientific and conservation value, which will automatically free up the sponsoring company`s time and resources; and, most importantly, give the sponsor a true sense of security - knowing the outstanding potential for positive environmental impact of each and every one of the projects they support.

Personally, from this writer`s viewpoint, ASC is one of the most amazing organizations to come into our lives for quite a long time.  In fact, the members of ASC are phenomenal individuals with some, quite literally, coming from generations of legends who existed in the fields of adventure and science.  Also, to let you readers know, the current projects that ASC has in the works right this moment are truly unbelievable.

With each new article, you will be introduced to ASC members, as well as taking an in-depth look at the current and ongoing projects that ASC is working on.  To present one in particular, I would like to bring to the forefront some very serious issues surrounding the Greater Yellowstone area.  With ASC`s project, Whitebark Pine & Grizzly Bears, ASC is working tirelessly on bettering the future for the grizzly bear.

The Federal Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan will be updated and released soon, but it is essential to know and discuss the discrepancies between conservation organizations and management agencies before this  Plan is unfurled.  Officials still disagree over the small amount of information that has been gathered concerning the grizzly and the whitebark pine forests which continue to die.  In fact, as the forests continue to die out, there is sure to be an increase in the deaths of grizzly bears due to more conflicts with humans -  simply because the grizzlies natural resources have been greatly decreased.

A huge part of the problem is the fact that there is hardly any data surrounding the why " in this matter.  It has become impossible to understand why the whitebark pine forests are dying out, and this issue must be fixed with immediate, further study.  The grizzly bears are relocating and coming into contact with more and more humans, simply because they need to adapt to their changing ecosystem.  But, ASC can and will go about finding the information that is necessary to help the grizzly, and offer more data so that management policies can be corrected before it`s too late for the grizzly population.  .

With the revision of The Federal Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan on the horizon, data such as this is completely and utterly urgent.  It is a must in order to teach guide officials how to handle the rapidly frightening issue that may just endanger land, nature, and the continuation of one facet of our beloved wildlife.

Readers, I know that each and every one of you out there would love to help.  We just happen to be so battered down at times by the hectic world - and the constant barrage of bad news - that certain life-affirming projects seem impossible.  But an organization such as ASC can turn this feeling around for all of us, by allowing us to have a hand in saving the things we actually love!  And with our time, energy, and belief, partnering with ASC could not only save the planet, the wolves, the grizzlies, and nature - but it could also be THE organization that saves the declining gift of hope. 

Doesn`t the next generation deserve to enjoy the incredible resources and assets this world STILL has to offer?  Stay with me.  Each and every week we will explore ASC and the unbelievable work that they`re doing!

Until Next Time, Everybody!

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