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Published:June 19th, 2011 18:28 EST
CrueLympics: Should Pole Dancing be an Olympic Sport?

CrueLympics: Should Pole Dancing be an Olympic Sport?

By Michael Weidenhamer

Is the world ready to hear Motley Crue on repeat at the Olympics? Pole Dancing is now being considered for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. It`s a strange idea, but it is being talked about and the notion does raise questions.

It does sound odd, but a case could be made for pole dancing in the Olympics. Don`t the Olympics have gymnastics as a category? Certainly some of the moves used in pole dancing are similar to gymnastics moves. There is even a type of gymnastics called "rhythm gymnastics," which pole dancing could definitely fit under. After all, if a stripper can`t sway the right way, she won`t get any pay.

Despite these similarities to gymnastics, pole dancing should not be an Olympic sport. Why? Because it objectifies women. Most men who go to strip clubs are not going there to converse with beautiful women. Strippers are not usually treated like decent human beings. What would happen if pole dancing was allowed on the biggest stage in sports? Women in the world already have a hard enough time trying to prove themselves. Imagine an ambitious, career driven woman trying to make it at her company. And then all her male co-workers say "why are you trying this hard, why don`t you just try and pole-dance in the Olympics?"

Another concern is over how it reflects on America and other countries. Since the U.S. and other countries have a difficult time putting out a good image to other countries, such as Middle Eastern nations, imagine how those countries would think of Americans when pole dancing is an Olympic "sport." Those same Middle Eastern nations are extremely protective of the sanctity of a woman`s image. Pole dancing pretty much wipes that out.

Pole dancing in the Olympics may bring in the money, but it would not be good common sense. In the end, common sense should trump money.