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Published:June 21st, 2011 11:06 EST
Bingham Willoughby;  A More Personal Look at This Incredible Lone-Wolf!

Bingham Willoughby; A More Personal Look at This Incredible Lone-Wolf!

By Krista Boyer
when your up your up


There`s nothing like a sunrise illuminating a snow-white field.  This is one of those "movie` moments when you wake, get a cup of coffee, say hello to your dog, and then stare out at trees that actually shimmer in the light of dawn.  The icicles cling to the pine branches for dear life, hoping that they have one more day before the earth gets just a bit warmer.  You feel a shiver and throw another log into the wood stove, and have a seat.  Picking up the acoustic guitar that`s resting in the corner, you begin to sing a ballad to the small deer outside who is staring in at you through your frosted window.  These are true artistic moments.  This is a life that Bingham Willoughby recognizes.  When these moments happen on a nearly daily basis, Bingham Willoughby becomes completely engaged and utterly aware of the beauty that was created long before the rest of us were. 


This writer grew up in the Eastern mountains.  I know of a world where small farmhouses looked out on real, ever-changing life.  I remember the wind which was cool against your face (and sometimes froze your skin altogether).  Hence, as I learn more about the fantastic artist that Bingham Willoughby is, I become evermore intrigued "and his fans are right there with me.


On certain days, Bing can don the snowshoes or skis, and all that can be heard is his own breath in his ears, mixing with the wind that is either whispering or bellowing, depending on the size of the storm that`s about to commence.


Bingham Willoughby knows all about these sounds, pictures, and scenic moments that only nature provides.  This amazing lyricist/singer that we`ve been speaking about over the past few weeks is an artist with a vision.  And, no, not just any artist.  As all readers know, there are many artists with some really "out-there` visions which include special effects to cover the fact that they can`t sing a note.


But, with Bingham Willoughby, the world has finally found someone who can take the time to listen, observe, and partake of the beauty that life has to offer - then head into a studio or the warmth of his farmhouse to write those feelings on paper.  Because of this skill set, when Bingham Willoughby opens his mouth to sing he invites the world into his own blissful backyard.


Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow, is the debut from Bingham Willoughby, which is a collection of those amazing "lone-wolf` moments that he experiences.  With his songs Bing has grabbed the hearts, minds, and souls of listeners across the globe.  So, it comes as no surprise, that it`s not just Bingham Willoughby`s music that listeners want to hear about, it`s Bing, himself.  Which is why this writer has decided that it`s time to get personal about this creative juggernaut whose "vision` should be explored.


Bingham Willoughby`s Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow comes across as a type of journey through Bing`s own life.  This is an artist who has walked so many different paths, that he found himself venturing into various facets of the music world.  Bingham Willoughby was a definite "rock` participant for a time, and then found his way to the world of acoustic performance - singing his incredible lyrics while accompanying himself. 


Bing is a unique person with a very "visual` sense of life.  His passion for the arts range from music to painting, to a heavy interest in photography.  He should also, quite frankly, be a novelist.  In this author`s eyes, Bingham Willoughby has a well of poignant words that should be shared:  The visual runs concurrently with the music.  Although different art forms, one informs the other "though, perhaps, mysteriously. "  See?  These are the words of a Pulitzer Prize winner.


This statement is also completely and utterly true for anyone who has the passion for music, art, and life that Bingham Willoughby owns in spades.  When Bing decided to step back and get away from the "Big City,` the whole reason for doing this was to live a simpler life.  In the country, of course, there is far more space and time to devote to more creative pursuits. 


Living at the end of a dead-end dirt road, Bing`s home-life could be described as rustic.  At this location, there is a little farmhouse with a wood stove where Bing lives and thrives.  This is also the area, in fact, where he shot the fantastically gorgeous music video for his song, North Light, and the visual stunner for, It Happened By Chance.


As any rural girl like me will tell you, the seasons and the intricate variety of beauty that each one brings with it, can make the creative mind go wild.  When the full moon shines down on that family of deer as they tread silently over the snow, a lyric or melody that is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with can be born.  In spring, when the rains come, the fields turn lush and green, and yet another song arrives from the depths of your soul.  Add in the fiery-hot sunsets with the slightly cool breeze at the end of a hot, sticky summer, and you have yet another hit on your hands.  And when the fall comes to announce the imminent arrival of winter once again, Bingham Willoughby and his fantastic friend Lorenzo, an enchanting Lagotto Romagnolo dog, go out for a walk.  They can listen to the crinkle of the leaves beneath their feet (and paws), stare at a fox as he runs through the woods, and return to the farmhouse to craft yet another hit.  (Perhaps Lorenzo is a helpful collaborator) J


This is Bingham Willoughby`s life; this is where his journey has taken him.  Although feeling a bit like a fish out of water, moving away from the city with all its modern conveniences to the Niagara Escarpment, (which is one of the most beautiful landmasses in the world), Bingham Willoughby has been able to see and enjoy all different locations.  And, he has lived!  That`s the key, readers.  If you really and truly slow down and take a look around, and witness those cold twilights or hazy mornings, you LIVE.  And, for a musician, songwriter - artist of any kind, really - without living, you will have absolutely nothing to say.


A day in the life of Bingham Willoughby is a day that most people would be truly envious of; and being that Bing is living on his very first country " property, it is a good thing that he`s handy with all types of instruments.  Restoring and renovating his farmhouse is hard work, and fascinating all at the same time.  And when he`s done for the evening?  Bingham grabs the acoustic and he and Lorenzo walk into the fields.  There is no one around, " Bing says.  I can just sit and play. "


That`s life!  Whether the scenery be "haunting` or "humorous,` the lyrics that will be produced and gifted " to Bingham Willoughby`s lucky audiences, are created there.  This is not just a man who has something to say:  Bingham Willoughby is a true artist who believes in what he has to say!  And his performances offer such an exciting range of personalities that it`s very hard to "pin` Bing down into just one category.  His songs can romance you, make you laugh, make you think, and simply offer a friend who will sit across the table from you while you share a cup of coffee and talk about life.  His songs truly elicit a myriad of emotions.


Bingham Willoughby has proven that he is a stellar musician and writer and, thankfully for him, a handy-man with enough skill, imagination, and drive to end up with one incredible looking farmhouse! 


All hail to the Lone-Wolf!


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