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Published:June 21st, 2011 16:14 EST

Friday is 'Take Your Dog To Work Day'! Show Off Your Pooch!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pet Sitters International, based in North Carolina, is encouraging businesses to open their doors to canines Friday for Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Beth Stultz, spokeswoman for the group, said the holiday began in 1999 and this year`s event, scheduled for Friday, is expected to include thousands of businesses across the country, The Buffalo (N.Y.) News reported Tuesday."



I would love to take my two dogs to work, one of them is older than dirt and may poop like it`s going out of style. I have to put up with my supervisor`s bull crap -- turnabout is fair play.

A few workaholics might complain that my younger pooch barks too much, but it`s better than listening to my co-workers babble about the latest episode of "Jersey Shore."

The place where I work has already "gone to the dogs", might as will bring in Midnite and Mandy to lend to the circus atmosphere.

Show your pooch some love this Friday, and every day of the year!

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