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Published:June 21st, 2011 15:03 EST

Katie Cazorla Premieres on the Nail Files

By Paulette Cohn

Nestled on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA is The Painted Nail, a unique nail salon owned by the charismatic Katie Cazorla -- the Queen of Nails, which is the subject of TV Guide Network`s first original series, Nail Files.


Nail Files, premiering tonight at 10 p.m., follows Cazorla as she faces the challenges of managing her salon, her staff, keeping celebrity clients happy and creating innovative ways of staying one step ahead of the competition.


"The day we opened the doors, there was a line to get in," Cazorla recalls. "Most of the time people say, `Don`t be shocked if you open your doors and nobody comes.` But it wasn`t the case with us."

It didn`t hurt that Cazorla is engaged to multiple Grammy Award-winning record producer Walter Afanasieff, who you will see in the series, who invited some of his famous friends to the grand opening.

"There was a red carpet, and Kenny G played, and Brian McKnight was there," Cazorla says. "I think maybe just word of mouth [got out] because we didn`t do any advertising or anything. Walter`s a really good supporter of me. So he does tell his friends. I think living in Studio City and having my business in Sherman Oaks, there are so many celebrities that live there. I`m like, `Hey, have you been to The Painted Nail?`  I`m always like hawking the store, and people just show up."

What makes The Painted Nail unique is that in addition to a relaxing nail bar with plush chairs, a VIP cabana, and earth-friendly surroundings, Cazorla provides a free drink with each manicure or pedicure.

"I was, `This is L.A. Why can`t it be fabulous? Why can`t it be like the hair salons, the boutiques, the restaurants? Why is the nail salon like the little dump in the corner where you just run in, you pay your 20 bucks and get yelled at, and then you`re kicked out?` I think I can change that, and it`s definitely been working. And now we do have men. Granted, we do have free Jack Daniels. So if you`re going to have a free glass of whiskey, you`ll come in and get your feet rubbed for 20 bucks."

But Nail Files is about more than just what happens in the salon. On tonight`s episode, you will see Cazorla she has recently launched her own branded nail polish line " for which she gets her celebrity clients to name a color [Hilary and Haylie Duff and Teri Hatcher, to name a few], gets invited to be a part of Sundance and the drama that goes along with that, and she is planning to open a second salon catering to men.

"I really have my heart set on opening in West Hollywood, but more in like Boys Town because it`s my old stomping grounds," she says. "I love to go out with my boys over there. So I`m thinking about doing a Painted Nail male version and keeping the same decor and everything but just amping it up a little bit more, more tailored to the West Hollywood crowd."