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Published:June 23rd, 2011 11:30 EST

Casey Anthony Will Be Found Guilty, But Won't Be Sentenced To Death

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A federal judge has declared that Florida`s system for sentencing in death penalty cases is unconstitutional, a ruling that could become a factor in the prosecution of Casey Anthony, the Florida mother accused of murdering her daughter. Her trial is under way in Orlando.


Under Florida state law a jury recommends a sentence of either life or death, but the judge actually decides what sentence to impose. The jury is instructed to evaluate the factors of the specific crime and then make its recommendation."


If you strip away all the legalese US District Judge Jose Martinez is basically saying that the manner in which the death penalty is administered in Florida is not constitutional, because the judge, and not a jury makes the ultimate decision.

It`s a foregone conclusion that Casey Anthony will be found guilty of first-degree murder, only a Casey Anthony groupie or a moron would argue otherwise. This is not the OJ Simpson case, and I`m persuaded that the jury will not arrive at a verdict that will make a mockery of justice.

The pertinent question is whether or not the jury will recommend the death penalty. Judge Martinez` ruling may render this question moot, but I believe that the jury will not recommend the death penalty.

It is exceedingly rare for a woman to receive the death penalty, and even mothers who kill their own children almost never receive the ultimate punishment.

Casey Anthony is a pathological liar and a murderer, but I give her high marks as an actress. Casey must have gone through a hundred boxes of tissue by now. The jury will find Anthony guilty of murder, but they won`t have the heart to recommend the death penalty.

This may sound flippant and ridiculous but Casey is too beautiful to be sentenced to death. I wouldn`t be swayed by her looks, frankly she has a striking resemblance to Casper the Friendly Ghost. But most people, on a sub-conscious level, would be loathe to see an attractive woman be put to death.

The judge in this case would be the laughingstock of his peers if he lets emotion override commonsense, and rules that Anthony must die in the unlikely event that the jury recommends the death penalty.

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