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Published:June 23rd, 2011 15:55 EST

Missy Peregrym & Gregory Smith on Rookie Blue's Second Season

By Paulette Cohn

Rookie Blue, starring Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally and Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, returns for its second summer season tonight with the first of 13 new episodes. When the show opens, the five rookies from last season return to the world of policing -- but this time out, they are without their training officers. They have to walk the thin blue line on their own.


In this interview, we talk to Peregrym and Smith about the new season and what we can look forward to in their storylines.

What are we going to be seeing over the whole season?

Gregory Smith: I think a big theme could be: A little bit of knowledge could be a dangerous thing. Last year, we were always with our training officer while we were learning what to do. We were going in second behind them. This year, they cut us loose, so we are patrolling by ourselves. With that new-found responsibility and confidence, there is a lot of room for error.


We learn in the first episode that Dov had a brother who killed himself. Is there going to be more of that coming up?

Gregory Smith: Totally. That gives you an insight into why he decided to become a cop and why he is so intense about it. I also end up meeting the girl of my dreams. She is a SWAT team officer who gets me out of a pickle.

She will be on for a few episodes?

Greg Smith: She is on for a bit.

On the other hand, Andy has this love triangle going on with Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson) and Sam Swarek (Ben Bass).

Missy Peregrym: Yes. We started the season at the same place. I am moving in with Luke and we are very happy. It is great except his ex-girlfriend starts to work in the division and it becomes a major issue. Camille Sullivan plays the character. Again, it was interesting to play the first season where Sam and Luke are so different and who does Andy chose? Both have fantastic qualities, so what am I looking for?  Then to choose Luke and have [his ex show up] "

Second thoughts?

Missy Peregrym: I have second thoughts and you will see why. It is interesting that Sam isn`t my training officer anymore. I can actually date him without losing my job. We are partners. There is obviously a chemistry that is there from naturally working together.

And Andy`s Dad?

Missy Peregrym: He is doing great. Thank you. He is getting sober. Actually, it is not a storyline that we are focusing on this year.

Do you have cop instincts now where you want to jump in when you see something going on in real life?

Missy Peregrym: If anything, it changed my perspective because I look at them as more human as opposed to unrelatable. I don`t fear them as much as I did before, where it was "Cops!" Not that I am doing anything bad.

A little paranoid?

Missy Peregrym: Yes. Best behavior. I definitely don`t think I can do what they do. I try being a bad ass, I like being a bad ass, but it is not realistic.

Is there anything you have taken away from the show? Have you learned how to talk yourself out of a speeding ticket or anything?

Missy Peregrym: No, I don`t really get speeding tickets.

You don`t speed?

Missy Peregrym: I do speed. I just don`t get tickets. Watch. I am going to leave today and I am going to get the biggest ticket ever.

The second season of Rookie Blue premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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