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Published:June 23rd, 2011 10:23 EST

People Going Bonkers Over Fried Kool-Aid

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Charlie Boghosian of Chicken Charlie`s who has invented more than 100 original deep-fried items including fried pop tarts and Klondike bars, debuted his fried Cherry Kool-Aid doughnut holes at the San Diego County Fair." Read More 


In the South we fry everything from okra to catfish to roadkill. We might even fry and eat a vegetarian or a nutritionist who tries to make us give up our delicious cuisine.

Master chef Boghasian sells his delicious treats at the San Diego County Fair, if he moves to the South we will canonize him as a saint. Good old Charlie uses water, flour and Kool-Aid powder to make a batter that scoops into little balls, and then he fries the hell out of them.

Michelle Obama should stop her silly crusade to force poor kids to eat "healthy", she should go to the San Diego Fair with her daughters and pig out on all the fried treats.

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