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Published:June 24th, 2011 10:07 EST

Dude, I Just Tossed My Weed On Top Of A Cop Car!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New York State Police said a man threw a small bag of marijuana from a car`s sunroof and it landed on the police vehicle behind him.

Investigators said the officers turned on their lights to pull the car over and Schmidt threw a small bag of marijuana from the sunroof."



These morons give all pot smokers a bad name, not all of us exercise such poor judgment.

It`s a good idea not to call the attention of the cops when you have a stash of weed in your vehicle, but Sean Schmidt, 20, gave the cops a good reason to pull them over by standing on the passenger seat with most of his body out of the sunroof.

These fools might as well have been blasting Cyprus Hill from their car stereo, and driving a car with bumper stickers plastered all over their car touting the benefits of weed.

Schmidt was arrested for possession of marijuana, and issued a citation for not wearing a seat belt.

My guess is that the lucky cop took some of the weed home, played Bob Marley, relaxed in his recliner, and smoked a fat one.

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