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Published:June 24th, 2011 10:31 EST

Shameless Obama Tries To Appease Gays By Referencing Lady Gaga

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ever since I entered into public life, ever since I have a memory about what my mother taught me, and my grandparents taught me, I believed that discrimination against people was wrong. I had no choice. I was born that way,"


President Barack Obama spoke these words at the Democratic National Committee`s sold-out Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender fundraising dinner in New York City.

As Obama addressed the crowd, lawmakers in Albany were debating a same-sex marriage bill. Obama was handed a golden opportunity to demonstrate that he has finally evolved to the point where he recognizes the obvious: Gays and lesbians should be treated like human beings, and be allowed to marry.

But instead of declaring that he believed in same-sex marriage, Obama sought to appease the crowd, by making an allusion to Lady Gaga.

Mr. President shame on you, gays and lesbians don`t want to hear a reference to Lady Gaga. Homosexuals want to hear that you support same-sex marriage!

Obama you weren`t born that way, you weren`t born a cowardly fool. When it comes to the issue of gay marriage, Dick Cheney is more evolved than you. Come to your senses and come out in favor of human rights!

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