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Published:June 24th, 2011 08:18 EST
The Green Lantern: Are You Motivated by Fear or Desire?

The Green Lantern: Are You Motivated by Fear or Desire?

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

This weekend, I went and saw the new movie Green Lantern with my son. The message was profound and obvious. Of course it was about good versus evil, which is how all of the comic books were written in the `30s and `40s. But it went further. This was mostly about human beings having two powers. One is the power of want and the other is the power of fear. And those two elements are always at odds.

In the movie, the superheroes can control anything they wanted if they wanted to control it badly enough. But there was a different group of super-villains, the bad guys, who could control things by manipulating the fear that they knew exists in humans. It made me wonder about real life.

How many of us don`t have what we want because we are too afraid to go and get it. Think about the positive things that you have in your life. Do you have them because you wanted them and you wanted them badly enough to go get them? Or were you so scared of getting those things that you rolled over and quit?

Life never rewards people who are afraid and run away. When you`re not getting the things that you want, think very carefully about why not. More than likely, it`s because your fear of success or your fear of achievement or your fear of something else is greater than your desire and your will to make it happen.
It`s rare that a movie speaks so loudly and clearly about the reality of the human condition. But this movie was one of them. And by the way, it was a good movie too. My son and I both really enjoyed it.

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