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Published:June 24th, 2011 13:08 EST
To Sag Or Not to Sag: Is Ghetto The New Black?

To Sag Or Not to Sag: Is Ghetto The New Black?

By SOP newswire2

I remember years ago sitting in an enclosed patio of a New York City restaurant when a man came up and pressed his private parts against the window. Like a scene out of Sex in the City my girlfriend and I gave him the itty bitty sign and kept on eating.  I was about 25 years old at the time, that was then; but the other day while driving my car, I came eye to thigh with a young black man sporting the shirtless, dreadlocks, pants down below his penis look.  I could clearly see his privates swinging in the breeze and he was strutting like a chicken, head bobbing back and forth checking to see who was checking him out.

 I almost drove into a tree, not because he looked like a Chippendale dancer, but in outrage that this seeming intelligent young man would expose himself like this in front of me and the rest of the world.  I wanted to pull over, get out of my car; and like the mother that I am, scream what my mother would have screamed.  What in the hell do you think you`re doing? "  Find him a belt and whip his bared behind, and then put my belt around his damned pants.

I know I am going to take heat from some folks for writing this, but why is everyone so upset about Weiner showing his Wiener when all day every day young men and women are exposing themselves. I was on the subway and had to keep my head turned in order not to be eye level with a young white man who had no ass to speak of, but his pants were down almost to his knees.

 What are we women to do, who do we call, the fashion police?

Somebody help, I am being flashed and I have nowhere to turn. "

  Yes back in my day as a young woman, we did some crazy things, but this beats all.  Where is the outrage in my own community where this started?  Besides all of us shaking our heads and trying to look the other way when we see this?  Where are our so called black leaders, wait we don`t really have any these days do we.  Martin Luther King if he were here he would be outraged! But he would reach out to the community and the war on Sagging would be on.  We would be marching and carrying on like freedom soldiers.

 So this is my letter to young black men who aspire to be like Lil Waynee, and it is this I say as a mother whose son was chastised because he refused to follow the status quo.

 There was a time in America, not too long ago that young black men were put on an auction block in the middle of the town square, genitals handled like that of a fine breeding stallion, and was sold to the highest bidder. He was shirtless, hopeless, valueless, and referred to as a young BUCK who would produce for the master strong plantation babies.

 That was then, but this is now; we are off the plantations but it seems as if that life is back.   There is nothing that can be done to you my young brothers that you can complain about, no inequality, no degradation  to speak on when you show no respect for women, your mothers, and especially for yourselves when you present yourself in this ridiculous fashion.

 Bill Cosby took a lot of heat from the community, but I respect highly and stand by him on this one.  I am embarrassed at the way my African American community stands by and turns a blind eye.  We all laughed and applauded that man who shot the kid in the ass because the kid didn`t want to pull up his pants, but that child was someone`s child.  To the mother of that child I say Mom, how did you let your child walk out the door, as my mother used to say showing his natural ass, literally?  There are many so called fashions that I would speak about, as we all could, but this SAGGIN issue beats them all.

  My hopes were ecstatic with the election of our first black president. I thought finally this will inspire young black youth, but I swear they pulled their pants down lower.  Driving past my local high school I spied a group of muffin butted young black men some with fully exposed wedgies!  OMG, I could go on and on but, I must progress.

  There`s a word progress, something the community needs desperately to revisit. My son asked me when we stopped wanting to move forward as a culture. My answer, well that is a whole other conversation.

  How do we change this attitude?  When did Ghetto become the new Black?

 I guess I didn`t get that e mail, because I refuse.

Prison style is for the prison, where it must go back.

 The other day a young man walked past me who used to be so cute and clean cut but was now in high school where there seems to be a de-evolution revolution.  Yes now his drawers were fully exposed.  He said good morning and was still just as pleasant, and cute as always.  But if I hadn`t known him, I too would have judged him.

 Like my momma always said you are what you eat, dress for success, and for young men who SAG, I leave you with this thought. People will judge first by your appearance, so don`t be upset when your intelligence level is based on your belt level.

By Janet Hubert

Judyth Piazza chats with Janet Hubert, Actress and Author of JG and the BC Kids