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Published:June 25th, 2011 11:45 EST

LA Police On The Hunt For Infamous 'Baby Stroller Bandits'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Los Angeles police said they are searching for two women dubbed the `baby stroller bandits` for allegedly stealing wallets from shopping mothers.

Investigators said the women, identified as Bertha Dona Vargas, 55, and Norma Lizette Reyes, 51, are suspected of committing several thefts in the city`s Fashion District since April by distracting mothers and stealing wallets from purses left in baby strollers, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday."


When women go to the mall they are on a mission from God to max out their credit cards, and they don`t let anything get in their way. It`s insane for a mother to take her baby with her to the mall, the infant could be choking to death and she wouldn`t notice.

I can`t fault the "baby stroller bandits" for victimizing these clueless mothers, only a moron leaves a purse in a baby stroller.

Bertha? Norma? Why the heck do these middle-aged ladies have names that are more appropriate for blue-haired old ladies?

By the way Norma isn`t related to me, if she was I`d get on her for not sharing her loot with me.

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