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Published:June 25th, 2011 11:18 EST
Traversing the Mase:  A Brief Night Out is THE Rock Musical for the 21st Century!

Traversing the Mase: A Brief Night Out is THE Rock Musical for the 21st Century!

By Krista Boyer
things that scare me


The astounding Marla Mase - our very own Goddess Kali - has created, fashioned, formed, shaped, and introduced, what is literally the best rock opera/musical that`s been offered to the public since The Who " brought Tommy to the masses. 


Week after week we`ve delved into the sparkling world of Marla Mase.  The in-depth coverage of this amazing performer/writer/singer/businesswoman - has brought record numbers of readers to our proverbial doorstep.  And I do not blame them.  Marla Mase is such a unique entity that she and her music are almost like a drug.  Once you hear her lyrics - once you see her passion, live and on stage - this is one performer that you MUST have a daily dose of in order to survive. 


Not only is this writer becoming a bigger and bigger fan every single day, but there are so many people jumping on board my boat, we might sink like a stone unless we get a bigger, mightier ship.  I can`t tell you how extremely delirious that makes me, either.  Marla Mase is one woman who deserves tributes when it comes to her music.  The raw emotion, the ultimate power, the wealth of indescribable passion that she exudes when she takes that microphone and hits that stage, envelopes all of us in a blanket of heat, strength, and fierceness that no other performer in the 21st century has yet been able to provide.


Fans should really know how important the rock musical is to the world nowadays.  Believe it or not, this phenomenon, (that I`m sure most people thought wouldn`t stay around), began in the late 1960s with the hit show, Hair.  Marketed as The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, " the anti-war/free-love show not only spoke " to the masses at that time - but the raw love that it gave to a world at war was so well-accepted that everyone, to this day, remembers the name.  It`s hard to understand the impact of Hair and what it brought to the world.  But with A Brief Night Out, its incredible creator, Marla Mase, has brought back a piece of history.  Although the themes are not along the exact same lines as Tommy or Hair, the extremely amazing words and music - not to mention a performance that will knock not only your socks off but every other piece of clothing you have on as well - have allowed Marla Mase to revitalize the music world. 


While Hair was a product of the hippie culture and sexual revolution off the 1960s, Marla Mase`s, A Brief Night Out is an exploration of the disintegration of a marriage and an in-depth look at an affair.  While several of Hair`s songs became anthems of the peace movement, and the musical`s profanity, depiction of the use of illegal drugs, treatment of sexuality, and its nude scene caused much controversy, the musical - just like A Brief Night Out - broke new ground in musical theatre by defining the genre of rock musical. "


Marla Mase and A Brief Night Out breaks its own new ground.  In fact, this show/album is so unbelievably riveting that the reviews coming in are beyond extraordinary.  It`s like Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Tommy are really just jumping off points, because Marla Mase and her amazing talent leave them all in the dust.


A Brief Night Out offers sheer entertainment with dramatic, emotional themes that bring the audience into the breathtaking mind of Marla Mase - a woman who has every emotion flowing through her body and has decided to show release it all to the world.  In the late 1990`s through 2000`s, the rock musical has seen a resurgence by composers like Elton John, who gave us Aida in 1998, as well as Duncan Sheik`s 2007 Tony Award Winner, Spring Awakening, Passing Strange in 2008.  In 2009 and 2010, musicals like Rock of Ages, Next to Normal and American Idiot came onto the scene, and Rock "s takeover of Broadway was complete. 


Broadway was once a bastion against youth culture, and tried at one point to keep it far away from the bright lights of the famous Avenue.  However, times they have changed, and demographics have shifted, which allowed rock and roll musicals to not be seen as Broadways` punch-line anymore.  With the huge hit, Rent, the rock musical has become a mainstay on Broadway, and Marla Mase is just a few short steps away from being the creator of the next Tony Award-Winning Rock Musical.


Marla Mase glorifies the strength of free expression in rock `n` roll music by offering some of the deepest, wildest emotions that fans could possibly imagine.  With A Brief Night Out, Marla Mase tells the story of a middle-aged woman who is bursting at the seams with anxiety, sexiness, and obsession.  The "character` brought to life offers a look at a true victim going through a mid-life rock "n` roll crisis.  And the super-hot/super-cool performance that Marla Mase gives - which is almost like a witch`s spell cast over every single audience members that hears it - is one of the most riveting "scenes` in the music world today. 


Things That Scare Me is the first track, and the spell begins.  As Marla Mase unleashes inner demons with her powerful voice, the audience feels as if they`ve stepped into a world that they will never want to step back out of.  Shocks of electricity flow through the veins when Marla Mase sings track after track after track that go from sultry and provocative, to edge of your seat thrill-rides with every word Marla Mase utters. 


Am I exaggerating?  Not a chance!  In fact, here is the latest review from Ian Bruce, Producer of the Lehigh Valley Music Conference where Marla Mase just performed:


Marla Mase "so exceptional at Community 2.  Hard-wired to me brains "superb performance; she`s a big apple/whole earth magic goddess with a cosmic class band. Wow!  Wow!  Wow! "Marla brought me back to life after an 18 hour day - no sleep, no pay - but music that lives in me."


Inhibition "that`s what Marla Mase teaches fans and listeners.  The ultimate lessons of being proud of who you are and not listening to the morons who wish to cut you off at the knees or bring you down, is what the power of Marla Mase can bring.  Marla Mase once told our audience her ultimate mantra:  break-up, break-down, break-through. "  And this writer sees those words printed on the Broadway signs sitting out on the Avenue on opening night "right beside the one with the big red letters that read, SOLD OUT!


These compositions can lift you up into the stratosphere and allow you to feel provocative, stimulated, aggressive - in essence, glad to be alive!  And that`s what Marla Mase does with her ultimate rock musical - A Brief Night Out.  After listening to just one of her songs, you`re not only glad to be alive, but you want to live on - bigger, better, and stronger. 


Written and performed by Marla Mase, A Brief Night Out is gutsy, intelligent, and genre-busting, with musical styles ranging from funk to blues to pop to rap to avant-garde to rock-n-roll.  And let`s never leave out The BAND.  This is literally a smokin` group of bad-ass veteran musicians who combine with the fearless performance of Marla Mase to make A Brief Night Out extremely exciting and completely unforgettable.


And, let`s not forget, one of the most beloved and respected music reviewers in the world, today.  Shockwave Magazine was one of many to literally praise Marla Mase and A Brief Night Out to the stars: 


This album will take you on a wild journey of emotions that will you have you one moment raising up an eyebrow questioning what you`re listening to, to the next moment of throwing your fist in the air rocking.  Mase is very unapologetic in her lyrics, and makes you aware of whom she is especially in the final track R.H.M. (Rockin` Hot Mase) where she sings: yeah, all my curves are all the rage, and, yeah, I got an ass and I`m not embarrassed to shake it all over town. Cause my heat is transforming, and I`m not boring. "  Mase proves that she is more than just a musician; she also paints a sense of imagery in her music that gives you the feeling of watching a musical play that goes from angry, to funny, to sexual at any given moment.  This album provides a listening experience that will leave you with everything but a dull moment. "


The Goddess Kali is in there, people.  Inside that humongous heart and brilliant mind of Marla Mase there are two women joined together - one immortal and one destined to be - that will make hearts all over the globe pound, stop, and scream with satisfaction when they enter the scintillating world of A Brief Night Out! 


Next stop?  Broadway!


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