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Published:June 28th, 2011 11:57 EST
A True Supporter of the Cyclists` Dream:

A True Supporter of the Cyclists` Dream:

By Tom Ski`s sister site is, and is a place that is completely and utterly dedicated to the world of running.  Here, too, a reader, a fan, a running enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys the serenity and peacefulness of running, is offered facts, advice, and information on health, nutrition, and exercise. 

As we reported a few weeks back, hosts `the Crank Honors`  and they very recently completed their work and have presented the `best of the best` in the cycling world.  You see, is a huge part of the cycling advocacy community, so the team at has gone out of their way to promote all of the great `bloggers` who share their zeal and zest for cycling. 

Not only that, but offers sponsorship opportunities that are truly limitless; they supply companies with creative, electronic exposure across the globe.  At, a company can `get in on` the huge branding opportunities that offers.  AND, the massive `traffic` that streams to this incredible site can be unbelievably beneficial to any business or  organization, not to mention their products and services. 

A slew of readers, beginning last month, began to vote their hearts out for their favorite cycling blog in various categories.  The team at are fans of a great many cycling blogs out there, so they were extremely happy to see some very well-deserving websites earn the ultimate prize this year.

The winners of the 2011 Crank Honors are sites that YOU must visit!  Each and every one are dedicated to the cycling community, and below we are offering an overview of the absolute best there is when it comes to cycling sites and blogs on the internet!

The "top dog` in the Road Cycling Blog category, is a blog that originates in Australia called, Cycling Tips (which is so informative and fun that this is not the first time they`ve won in this category).  Run by a gentleman named Wade, Cycling Tips is an amazing blog for competitive cyclists, as well as a forum for fun and entertainment.  Wade is very humble, letting readers know that Cycling Tips is run by just an average cyclist who can`t get enough of it.  Check it out!  This is one blog where you are sure to find humor and education all rolled up into one.

Moving on the winner of the Travel Cycling Blog is called, Tired of I.T.  This particular blog stems from Canada and is, at this moment, touring the world.  Tired of I.T. also received more votes during the Crank Honors than any other cycling blog in any of the categories.  This is a blog written by someone with absolute heart.  A man named Dave, in early 2009, started selling off every possession he owned.  He tied-up all of his life`s loose ends, and set off on his bike.  Dave`s journey began in April of 2010, and his lifestyle changed dramatically.  This was not some silly thing for this gentleman to do; this is a mission that allowed him to reinvent his life and see the magic for what it was.  From the viewpoint of the cycle, Dave has rediscovered what went missing in a word full of computers and business "his heartfelt enjoyment of life and his creativity.  A fantastic blog for everyone to share in and find the spark " that, perhaps, only the road can bring.

For the Mountain Bike Blog, the winner was Greg Rides Trails, a blog based in the United States.  Greg, who is the host of this particular blog, draws readers in by sharing information and knowledge about hardcore mountain biking.  This is a very informative site and is a great place to receive professional information and instruction.

Bicycle Design, came in first in the Lifestyle Cycling Blog category by a nose. In fact, this particular category had nominees who were only two or three votes apart, but Bicycle Design is a wonderful blog to wear the lifestyle category crown.  Since 2005, this particular blog has been THE place for the discussion and sharing of information on design and how it has changed in the bicycle industry.  All types of bicycles are covered - from the latest high-end road and mountain bikes to transportation oriented bikes.  Some of the most interesting information can be found here relating to some new and very unique utilitarian designs.

The Commuter Cycling Blog first place medal went to Culture Cycles, which is also based in the United States.  Culture Cycles is an incredible blog that is the epitome of the cycling community.  It focuses all its energies - daily - on providing cyclists with a true sense of what it means to be part of the effervescent community of cycling that allows everyone who cares about cycling to speak and relate.

And, in the final category, a wonderful blog that is talked about in many places is Bike Shop Girl, which has won as the favorite in the Women`s Cycling Blog category.  This is a site that is dedicated to promoting cycling to women, and each and every article highlights all the spectacular happenings and events taking place in the women`s cycling world.  Bike Shop Girl`s message is about Empowering the cyclist within YOU.  Arleigh, Bike Shop Girl`s author, is a bicyclist, mechanic, bike fit guru, and educator, who says she`s learning more each and every day.  This blog is intuitive, informative, and really takes hold of the female power that shines in the cycling world. 

For my vote? deserves a huge prize.  Not only do they offer fun, information, knowledge, and dedicate their words and thoughts to the cycling community - but they also have a great respect for others who do the same. offers a huge amount of support by getting the word out` to sports communities, schools, education programs, camps, and more, allowing the cycling community to grow by leaps and bounds.

Do you want to go to the absolute BEST cycling blog on the internet?  Then just click on - THEY are the true cycling masters.

Until Next Time, Everybody!

For more information go to:!/lovingthebike