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Published:June 28th, 2011 11:55 EST

Lady Gaga Is A Big Baby

By Robert Paul Reyes

Babies are so cute, especially when they do something outrageous. I still vividly remember an incident decades ago when I went to a friend`s home so I could witness the miracle of her baby walking. Her darling was tentatively walking to a round of applause, when suddenly a couple of little turds fell down from his loose-fitting diapers, we died laughing.


We all have cute baby stories: A baby smears chocolate pudding on his face; a baby dances to a song on the radio; a baby piddles on the family cat...

All of these stunts are funny when a baby does them, put when an adult engages in childish behavior it`s pathetic and anything but funny or entertaining.

Lady Gaga is nothing but a big baby, she`s made a name for herself not by making great music, but by acting like an imbecile. Lady Gaga wears an outfit made out of raw meat and the morons in the fashion industry proclaim her a genius.Lady Gaga smears herself with blood during a televised performance, and she`s declared a daring performance artist. Lady Gaga writes a song that includes racial slurs,and she`s considered a cutting edge artist. Lady Gaga conducts interviews with a vacant look in her eyes while she utters nonsense, and she`s proclaimed the second coming of Buddha.

Please! Lady Gaga is a big baby, nothing but a big baby.

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