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Published:June 29th, 2011 16:21 EST

Bristol Palin Accuses Michele Bachmann Of Dressing Like Sarah Palin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I think [Bachmann] dresses a lot like my mom. But a lot, a lot of women have done that the last few years. I do think it`s odd, you know, seeing people with red blazers with their hair up with glasses."


Bristol Palin speaking to PopEater`s Rob Shuter

The Palin clan is green with envy because Michele Bachmann has eclipsed Sarah Palin. Bachman has garnered positive publicity by doing well in the New Hampshire debate, and by doing better than expected in the polls.

Meanwhile Palin`s surreal bus tour elicited only scorn and ridicule from the press, no wonder the former beauty queen quit her bus tour.

Bristol Palin can`t criticize Bachmann`s political beliefs because her mother and Bachmann are political clones. The only thing poor Bristol can think of is to accuse Bachmann of dressing like her mother.

I did a Google image search of the two Republican hotties, and I came to the conclusion that Palin and Bachmann don`t dress alike. Palin has that hot librarian thing going on, but Bachmann doesn`t have any distinct style.

The suit doesn`t make the man or the woman, and these two bimbos are empty suits. I don`t care how they dress (only a bimbo would), I hope they disappear from the political realm.

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