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Published:June 29th, 2011 21:53 EST - A Place to Take a Humor Break - A Place to Take a Humor Break

By SOP newswire2

Philadelphia, PA - Humor writer Donna Cavanagh has launched, a website dedicated to bringing a few chuckles to a serious world.  The site features the  the work of humorists, stand-up comics and performers and includes material that runs the gamut from observational humor to fictional stories to daily jokes.

"I thought up the idea of the site after some of my humor writer friends were asked to take their material and leave the more conservative writing sites thus the word Outcasts in the site`s names,"  Cavanagh notes. "I wanted to provide a place where they could let their creativity flow.  While many posts are G-rated, some are not, so I put a warning on any posts that are not meant for all eyes. Humor and comedy have to have the freedom to be edgy at times; it`s what humor is all about."

While humor is the predominant theme on the site which published its first post in late April of 2011, Cavanagh does allow her writers  occasionally to post serious-themed work.  Sometimes, readers see humor as easy writing when in fact, it is the toughest of all writing genres.  To give writers the opportunity to show off a serious side, proves that their talents are multidimentional and legitimate."

Since the goal for is to give readers a chuckle or an out-loud giggle every time they go to the site, Cavanagh ensures that new material is posted each day. She believes that humor is serious business, and it is important that it exists in everyone`s life.

"Science has now proven that we need humor to survive; our physical bodies need humor every day. It`s time for humor to be taken more seriously and given the respect it deserves, and I hope I can be a small part of getting that message out."

Cavanagh is always on the look out for new writers. She and her editor Elizabeth Dickinson run the site on a submission approval basis. Writers interested in becoming a contributor to the site can submit work to is a site. is am NFL data analysis site that Cavanagh operates with her husband, Edward.

"We were thrilled to add to our website family.  It truly is a dream come true for a humor writer to have a site like this to call home."