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Published:June 29th, 2011 18:10 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Pastor DeWayne Harvey About 'Celebrate'

Judyth Piazza chats with Pastor DeWayne Harvey About 'Celebrate'

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Gospel artists come and go every day. On the other hand, gospel visionaries, like diamonds, are a rare commodity. They realize that gospel isn`t just about music; it`s a way of life. Such a man is singer,songwriter,businessman,philanthropist Pastor DeWayne Harvey. His life is an example of the gospel that his music portrays.

His upcoming fifth CD, "The Report of The Lord," will be released on his own Innovative Records, distributed by Taesis Media Group, in early 2011. The first single from the CD, "Whose Report," has become a hit across the country, with the video for the song becoming a viral favorite on YouTube. The CD also features the outstanding songs "Celebrate," "Nobody Greater" and "So Great." Pastor Harvey has poured his heart and soul into this new musical offering, after having survived a near-death experience and returning with a renewed appreciation for the Lord and His goodness.

Hailing from Crawfordville, Florida and now based in Tallahassee, Pastor Harvey`s music ministry seeds were planted in him as a child. As with the majority of successful entertainment industry notables, he began his involvement with music in the church, at the age of 3. Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Church was his learning ground, where he became Director of the Adult Choir at the age of 13. During his studies at Florida A&M University, he sang with their gospel choir. Later, he joined the West Coast Gospel Chorus of Florida in Sarasota. He also had a valuable family role model for gospel, with his aunts and their renowned singing group, The Harvey Sisters.

Pastor Harvey didn`t initially embark on a gospel music ministry, since he felt that his vocals weren`t strong enough to focus a career on. He instead began a career in Health Care Management, so that he could nurture people in an alternate fashion, fully utilizing the two degrees that he`d earned (B.S. In Business Administration and Masters in Management). The award-winning businessman founded Innovative Management Services, a highly respected health care entity for adults and the disabled, which continues to flourish and care for that underserved segment. The compassionate Harvey is currently completing his Doctorate in Health Care Management.

Though it may have seemed to be dormant, the gospel music seed was still growing within Harvey, though he`d decided upon a different career. As heartfelt ministries will do, the pull was too strong and he could no longer resist his calling toward gospel music. The Lord called and DeWayne Harvey had to answer. He determined to utilize his God-given musical talent. So, he retrieved the music that he`d written earlier, gathered a group of talented vocalists and began to rehearse them. That is when Pastor DeWayne Harvey and Unrestrained Praise was born.

Unrestrained Praise has had as many as 60 and as few as 4 singers over the years. It is currently comprised of what Pastor Harvey terms "The Great 8/8/8," which is 8 sopranos, altos and tenors each. He went on to record his group`s rich, traditional gospel sound. Their first CD was the masterful Be Encouraged, followed by the reflective Keep Looking Up, the rousing Tell It and the uplifting Already Done. Each CD has represented a season of Pastor Harvey`s life and outlook. The group enjoyed a huge success with the hit I Can See My Storm Rolling Away; that anointed psalm featured the powerful Stellar Award nominee Angela Spivey, who Pastor Harvey initially met at a convention and then again though iconic gospel announcer Al Hobbs. Needless to say, his songwriting and Spivey`s vocals were a match made in heaven.

A gospel Renaissance man, Pastor Harvey also created a television program called Unrestrained Praise, which airs on The Florida News Channel, broadcasting throughout the state. He is currently working on taking the show national. And as if he weren`t busy enough, Pastor Harvey also ministers to the congregation at The Greater Blessings Church, which he formed, and has grown to over 230 members.

Pastor DeWayne Harvey possesses many talents and is fully utilizing them for the glory of God and man. What began in Florida with a hardworking, focused man with a music ministry seed has blossomed into a mighty oak of gospel accomplishments that should be celebrated by all.