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Published:June 29th, 2011 09:15 EST
Judyth Piazza Micro-Interviews Jada Pinkett Smith, "HawthoRNe" and Michael Clarke Duncan, "Green Lantern"

Judyth Piazza Micro-Interviews Jada Pinkett Smith, "HawthoRNe" and Michael Clarke Duncan, "Green Lantern"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Recently with a little help from my friend, film critic Kam Williams, I was able to conduct a series of micro-interviews with some of the biggest celebrities and intellectual giants in the world. 

Here are a few of those interviews:

Jada Pinkett Smith

Judyth Piazza asks: What key quality do you believe all successful people share?

Jada Pinkett Smith: Our commitment. I think that`s the key quality. You just have to keep at it. People who enjoy sustained success understand the fact that you have to remain very committed to whatever it is you`re doing, especially in this instant-gratification culture.

Judyth has a follow-up: What has been the most important moment of your life?

Jada Pinkett Smith: I`d have to say the birth of my children.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Judyth Piazza asks: What is the most important lesson that you have learned working in Hollywood?

Michael Clarke Duncan: Save your money. Save your money, because you could be very busy for a year, but then have the next one off. That`s happened to me, but I put my money in the bank. I don`t splurge. So, my best advice about working in Hollywood is: Save your money!

Judyth also asks: If you could change one thing about Hollywood, what would it be?

Michael Clarke Duncan: How they do business. If you shake my hand and tell me we`re going to do this or that project together, I`d believe you. But when I first got to Hollywood, I`d believe all the people who`d tell me they were going to put me in a movie. And I still haven`t heard back from a lot of them to this day. I don`t like it when someone can look you in the eye and lie to you, or pretend that they`re more than you.

Kam Williams is a syndicated film and book critic who writes for 100+ publications around the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, and the Caribbean. He is a member of the New York Film Critics Online, the NAACP Image Awards Nominating Committee, and Rotten Tomatoes. He is also a contributor at

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