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Published:July 1st, 2011 10:15 EST
Soldier vs. Warrior

Soldier vs. Warrior

By Ed Roberts

Soldier vs. Warrior


A soldier

A man, or woman

Who serves their country

Who put the lives of others

Above their own


A soldier is taught

No trained

To follow orders

Without question

Without hesitation

For often a single moment

Can be the difference

Between life

Or death


I ask those who serve for this country though

To go one step further

And I realize your decision

Can place my own life at risk


I ask you to be a warrior instead


Have you ever stopped to wonder

Placed yourself in another soldier`s shoes


What if you were ordered to attack and burn Yukon, Oklahoma

Erie, Pennsylvania

Boston, New York, or even Los Angles

What if those orders stated

You were to leave no one alive

Women, children

Everyone must die


I would hope

I pray

A soldier

You would no longer choose to be


A soldier serves their country

Places the lives of others

Above their own

Yes, and they do follow orders

A warrior does the same

But is willing to stand for those they protect

Even if it is against

Their own brothers in arms


Ed Roberts 6/27/58



Unfortunately this is a decision men and women are facing right now in Libya, Syria, and other countries around the world. Those that are fighting to defend a government who would slaughter their people need to realize the war would end if they simply chose not to fight. Words start wars; they can also end them.

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