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Published:July 3rd, 2011 14:45 EST
D.H. DaHitWryter:  Poetry in Motion!

D.H. DaHitWryter: Poetry in Motion!

By Krista Boyer


I have been a truly lucky individual throughout my life, but I was especially fortunate this week because I was allowed a peek " at what will soon be known in many reviewers and readers` minds as one of the finest books that was released in 2011.  Poetic Conversations with D.H. " is a fantastically beautiful mixture of poetry that stares love right in the face, analyzes it, and offers in-depth emotional journeys to the reader.   

Seeing as that D.H. DaHitWryter is the fantastic songstress who we`ve been speaking about these past few months, it comes as no great surprise that D.H. DaHitWryter (a.k.a. Dionne Halsey) is the author of each and every stunning poem in this book.   

To bring all readers and new readers up to date, D.H. DaHitWryter is THE performer when it comes to the world of Hip-Hop/Rap "heck, music period.  This gifted writer shares her amazing talent with the world in this debut book of unforgettable poetry.  In fact, D.H. DaHitWryter has such an incredible back story, that one day she will hopefully release the most unforgettable memoir that you`ve ever read, as well. 

D.H. DaHitWryter has already proven herself in the world of music.  With one song, she can bring listeners to the streets; she can show people the harsh realities and raw emotions that exist out there in the world today, as she sings about everything from politics to social injustices - a preacher who makes the world stand up and listen.

But the heart of D.H. DaHitWryter is so unbelievably huge that her music doesn`t stop at "causes.`  Her words go on to encompass love, passion, and the deep feelings that a woman has for life, family, country, and music.  The ever-growing mass of fans across the nation has already sat up and screamed for D.H. DaHitWryter.  They know, as does this writer, that she is almost a supernatural being when it comes to her talent. 

Her first solo album titled, Back Against the Wall, " knocked everyone`s socks off.  From pure and utter entertainment and "beats` that will live in her listeners` minds forever, D.H. DaHitWryter hit the scene with a bang!  Now, as she turns her writing into a collection of poems, the world is about to see yet another side to this woman`s genius.  

Have Faith in Love


When love fails it`s not love, it`s the false lover;

The lover who played false roles undercover.

Be inspired to fly higher instead of falling in what some are calling love.

Love isn`t meant to be a lowly creature;

It`s the highest high, or the force from the bass that explodes the speakers.


Now stop and think about just those few words.  The passion that exists in D.H. DaHitWryter`s soul comes out in Technicolor when she shares her emotions with her audiences.  There is a true purity in her words.  D.H. DaHitWryter makes it very, very clear, that the power of music - the passion of lyrics and sound as they come together as one - is so immense and mesmerizing, that true love can be formed between a performer and their words.


Love makes us feel incredible when its impeccable;

Nothing is like it when it`s in good health,

And the best love is the love we give to self "


See the feminine power in those words?  Can you not hear the ability to instill in others the faith they need in themselves to achieve greatness and the dreams they`ve always wanted, yet were perhaps too scared to go after?


In The Emotions of Love


What keeps me grounded? The memories of us.

I ponder the wonders of love, I see and feel.

My senses indulged by a love so real;

No deal can be reached to set me free from loves debt.


D.H. DaHitWryter tells us all that we can be free of hate and debilitating emotions.  No "this is not fluffy-stuff, " guys and gals.  She is absolutely right on the money.  We`ve all forgotten about the simplest cure to our diseases.  In our daily lives we`re punished by every little thing that arrives on our television sets, or in our mailboxes; the bill collectors banging on the door; and, the politicians who run our souls into the ground.  The words faith, hope, and love, barely exist anymore in our own psyches.  But they ARE there.  They are STILL buried deep within us yearning to find a way out.  And  D.H. DaHitWryter`s music and pure, unmatched poetry is the way to begin to change your life.   

A very interesting and heartfelt poem is called In The Life of Fame.  Here, D.H. DaHitWryter talks about the price, the zeal, the hope, and the destruction that comes along the road to fame.     

Thick skin is an understatement, armor skin is needed.

Negativity surrounds you and sets deep into those who have been let down.

Doubters and nay-sayers heckle you like a comedian in a tough crowd.

Everything you do is critiqued and closely watched.

The monster of fame can destroy man if his love for what he`s doing isn`t strong enough


After reading this full work, you will see the world more clearly.  You`ll develop that absolute tunnel vision focus that is needed to move straight ahead and knock out any blockade that is put up in front of you.   

From politics to hate crimes; from the world at large to finding a way for people to work together and make things better "D.H. DaHitWryter is the powerful being with "pen to paper` who makes sure that her readers will never lose track of who they are and what they wish to become.  There are so many poems in this book that left me breathless, that I want to "gift` you with every single word this incredible woman has written.  But "I won`t.      

The thrill with D.H. DaHitWryter`s book is the same thrill that one gets from her performances.  The power that her words will provide will undeniably motivate you to continue towards that perfect and fulfilling life which is built on the one thing that everyone needs and has forgotten about over time.  That one, most important creation, called "love.   

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